Chase Bank: A great option for your financial needs?

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When you’re after financial services or products, it can be tough knowing where to look. Many banks claim to offer the world but fail to deliver – and it can be hard to know who to trust.


Chase Bank is one of the most popular and well known banks in not just America, but the world. There’s a reason why Chase Bank has over 25 million customers – from their generous interest rates to their current accounts rewards schemes, it’s a great option for your financial needs.

If you’re thinking of applying for one or multiple Chase Bank loans, or you’re just curious to see what they have to offer, then keep reading to find out more. 

Checking Accounts 


  • Excellent mobile and online banking services 
  • $200 bonus! 
  • Several different account to choose from 
  • Convenient online bill payment


  • $12 monthly maintenance fee (although it can be waived if you qualify)

When you sign up for a checking account with Chase Bank, you may qualify for the $200 bonus. What better way to start your banking journey?! All you need to do is set up a direct deposit – which many people will do anyway. 

The convenient mobile app and easy online banking services make it easy to do your banking on the go. There’s even a convenient bill paying option online. 

There are nearly 4,900 branches and 16,000 ATM’s, so you’ll never be left without your banking services. 


Like many quality checking accounts, a Chase checking account will cost you a minimum of $12 a month as a service fee. 

However, this can be waived. The first way you could waive the charge is by having a direct deposit that totals up to $500 or more every monthly charging period. 

You can also get this waived by having over $1,500 in the bank account at the beginning of each day – which is doable if you’re a saver! 

If you have other accounts with Chase, you’ll be glad to know that if you have a total of $5,000 in all of your accounts, you won’t have to pay the $12 monthly fee. This includes any other checking accounts and savings accounts. 

Credit Cards 

banking cards


  • Variety of credit card options to choose from 
  • Packed full of rewards
  • Annual fees are affordable 
  • Intro bonuses


  • Must have a good credit score to be considered

From The Sapphire, to The Freedom and The Slate, Chase’s credit cards are an excellent choice no matter what your preference. 

You’re sure to find the perfect credit card for you if rewards are important to you, as Chase’s credit cards are packed full of rewards. There’s air miles, sign up bonuses, and unlimited cashback. 

You can also earn points that are worth more if you use them on travel booked through Chase. 

Auto Financing 


  • Helpful and informative online portal
  • Convenient loan calculator 
  • Easy to shop for cars with Chase
  • No down payment required 
  • Same day approval


  • Only offers loan when car is brought through a Chase dealer

If you don’t have a car in mind and want to browse different cars that suit your needs, then a Chase Auto Loan will be perfect for you. There’s even a convenient loan calculator, which will give you an insight as to what kind of loan you’re likely to be approved for. 

The process is quick and easy – once you’ve applied, you should hear back the same day. You’ll also be glad to know that no down payment is required, which can be off-putting when browsing for loans. The loan terms are generally flexible, and you can have up to 72 months to repay the loan.



  • Easy online prequalification
  • Flexible plans 
  • Different options to choose from
  • Inclusive for low income customers
  • Available in all states 


  • Must be a customer with Chase for mobile app access

If you want to be considered for a mortgage with Chase, you’ll need a decent credit score. If your score is below 620, it’s unlikely you’ll be considered – but you can complete the convenient online prequalification to check your eligibility. 

There are different plans to choose from, which makes it easier to find a mortgage with a manageable repayment plan. The rates are affordable overall, and the fees won’t set you back too much. 

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