How to Motivate Your Child to Learn

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To be a good learner, several things must be aligned. Aptitude, personality and a willingness to learn. But the question for most of us still remains. How do we help our children to become good learners? A UK boarding school shared these tips on how to motivate your child to learn.

Reading Will Make You Smarter

It’s a common belief that reading more will help you to learn more. This is true as those that are able to read are able to understand new ideas and concepts. This is from an improved vocabulary that will help the comprehension of formal communication.

To encourage your child to read, introduce books that are fun and excite them. Having story time before bed where they read to you is a good way of incorporating this into your child’s routine.

Experiment with Different Learning Styles

The way we process information differs from person to person. A learning style that works for one child may not work for another which is why it’s a good idea to experiment with different methods. 

Generally speaking, there are 3 different learning styles – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Auditory learners learn better when they are listening or speaking. An example of how an auditory learner will use sound to comprehend is by hearing a set of instructions and repeating them back to the person giving them. Visual learners on the other hand prefer visual material such as pictures and diagrams whereas kinaesthetic learners prefer to engage in hands-on activities.

Understand What Your Child Is Struggling On

Work with your child to understand where they are struggling. Often this can be the source of insecurity and a lack of motivation to participate in the classroom. Having conversations with your child to find out what they’re not understanding can help to arrange further help and improve their motivation.