Using gps to keep track of valuables (kids included!)

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For travelling, keeping track of luggage, protecting vehicles and even keeping track of loved ones, gps trackers are able to do it all.

For us, with our eldest child wanting to start walking home from school alone and us being nervous about this – it’s a big step into independence! – we thought her carrying a gps tracker was a good compromise to let her gain confidence while us keeping that peace of mind, being able to know where she is.

We chose to try out the PAJ GPS Easy Finder. It offers real time tracking, with an sos alert button and can be carried in a little keyring style case, so easy to attach to a backpack.

Getting started

The tracker is easy to set up, it comes with a built in SIM card and you just need to register it online and you’re good to go.

You can access the finder portal online or through the mobile app, so it’s easy to use from lots of devices and works with the 4g network.

The battery life is good, it lasts for 7 days for everyday use with one hours tracking or 2-3 days with 6-8 hour/day tracking.

We found the real time tracking to be really accurate, and the route history shows a clear path, even with arrows indicating which direction they travelled.


There are lots of options to enable for notifications and alerts too, such as

  • Motion / Vibration Alarm: Receive an alarm message when the GPS tracker is shaken or moved.
  • SOS alarm: You will receive an alarm message as soon as the SOS button is pressed.
  • Geofence alarm: You will receive an alarm message when the GPS tracker leaves the virtually defined area.
  • Battery alarm: You will receive an alarm message as soon as the battery level is low.
  • Power off alarm: Alarm message as soon as the GPS tracker is switched off.

Because the gps tracker uses a SIM card, it does require a monthly subscription, there a 3 payment options:

  • £3.75 per month (£89.99 biannually)
  • £4.58 per month (£54.99 annually)
  • £5.99 per month

Our thoughts

All in all, we found this tracker easy to use and really accurate with real time data. The tracker was slightly bigger than I expected, compared to something like the AirTag – but the real time accuracy and route history features that you can’t achieve without the SIM card element make up for that. Plus, it’s great for peace of mind. I know it does sound a little odd to want to track your child, but for their first steps into independent travel, it just makes that leap seem slightly less scary!