How to Support Your Newborn’s Immune System This Summer

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There are few joys in life that can match that of bringing home a newborn. Whether it’s your first child or your fourth, the wonder never wanes, and you want to treasure every moment. As you adjust to life with your new baby, you also want to do everything within your power to ensure that they’re as healthy as possible. Newborns can be vulnerable to a wide range of ailments, and their developing immune system may be unequipped to fight off infections. Luckily, there are steps you can take to boost your baby’s immunity and help them stay safe. Giving your newborn baby immune support is a great way to invest in their health and wellbeing. Learn more about what your baby needs and how you can meet those needs.

What Is Your Infant’s Immune System Like in Their First Month?

Your baby’s first month is one of the most important times of his or her life. During this time, they will mostly act based on reflexes, mastering tasks such as swallowing, seeking out milk, sucking, and holding objects. As your baby accomplishes these milestones, their immune system is accomplishing some milestones of its own, too. During this time, a baby will rely primarily on the immunity they inherited from their mother. This inheritance comes in the form of antibodies that are passed along, but like all proteins in the body, the antibodies eventually break down.

Babies who are breastfed will have some of these antibodies replenished, but in the first month, a child is still highly susceptible to illness. Experts say that an infant’s immune system does not start to mature until they are at least two months old. This may rightfully cause concern for some parents. Supplements like an elderberry immunity syrup can combat the problem and provide children with a much-needed immune advantage. This supplement is approved for kids ages one-year-old and up.

Tips to Strengthen Your Baby’s Immunity

It’s inevitable that a newborn’s initial immunity will eventually wear off, and it’s also true that many immune-boosting supplements are intended for kids who are at least one year old. If you’re still not sure how to strengthen your baby’s immune system, then, perhaps the best approach is to limit the threats that may make your infant sick. When you’re bringing your baby to see friends and family, for example, you should implement some rules for visiting newborn. Be absolutely adamant that nobody with a cough or other symptoms of sickness be near your baby.

Limiting risk is often the most effective approach to protecting a baby’s immune system. Until they have started to mature, or they’re old enough to take an immune supplement, there are simply too many sicknesses floating around that could cause your infant to become ill. Even a sickness that seems minor could develop into a serious condition, and doctor’s visits are expensive, too. In order to minimize risk, it’s best to limit your baby’s interactions with others. If you are able to breastfeed, this is another great way to bolster their natural immunity.

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