How a Morning Routine Can Make You Rich

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Do you dream of wealth freedom? 

Maybe you’d love to ease the burden of debt that weighs you down. Perhaps you long for the ability to retire early or simply the freedom to decide how and when you earn money. There are immense benefits to being “rich.”

But there’s a problem.

You work hard, and try to make smart decisions. But, sometimes it feels as though progress is slow. Often, you’re just not sure what to DO to make that financial wealth happen. 

So, why do some people manage to thrive, excel, and build massive wealth while most others are just scraping by? 

Well, the simple answer is leverage. Just ask Oprah or Bill Gates. Many successful people have learned to leverage their most important time of the day.


People don’t get rich by accident. They get rich by creating wealth building systems. 

Which makes a morning routine a prime time to make your financial dreams happen!

Why Mornings Matter

Think about your typical day. How many times are you interrupted (or do you check social media)? What do you do with your free time? Do you have time to work on your goals? 

Often, our days are filled with responsibilities that leave little room to focus on our dreams. And when those tasks are finally done? We want to relax so that we can do it all over again tomorrow. 

Instead, picture this: 

It’s 6 am and the rest of the family is sleeping. Your mind is sharp, not tired from a long day. It’s too early for interruptions to highjack your time, so you’re learning, planning, and designing your bright future at a record pace

This undistracted time alone is a gift.

Now, what if you don’t have that quiet time in the morning? Maybe your kids get up or your job starts early. Create time. As in, get up earlier. I know, it can be a painful thought. But this is your FUTURE. And if wealth is your goal, mornings are an outstanding tool to get you there. Not to be ignored. 

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us.”
Steven Pressfield

Now, read on for WHAT to do with your sacred morning time. 

Your Morning Routine for Wealth

Below are six key elements to a well-crafted wealth routine. Start slowly and build with time. 

1. Begin With Clarity

People create wealth because they clearly understand the direction they want to go. It’s this clarity that guides their everyday decisions.

First, consider WHY you want financial success and what your dreams are. Perhaps you want to pay for your kids’ college, go on a dream vacation, or have the freedom to work as you please. 

Financial goals are not one size fits all. What are the goals that speak to you? And why?

Spend your morning time getting clear on what you want for your life, financially and otherwise. Write these goals down!

After, use a few minutes of every morning routine to review your money goals. Remind yourself of why your future is important to you.  Regular review will help give you faith in your ability to accomplish your dreams as well as ideas to get there.

2. Learn What You Need to Know

woman reading on bed

Perhaps you don’t know HOW to build wealth. Or save more money. Or even what a budget should look like. Give yourself time to learn. Use your morning time to read more of the best finance books about paying off debt, saving, investing, and building momentum. This website is a great resource for that! And, so are the books below:

The Latte Factor

The Millionaire Next Door

The Total Money Makeover

Think and Grow Rich

The Bogleheads Guide to Investing

Your Money or Your Life 

Furthermore, these books give great motivation for a life well lived WHILE building your financial stash. 

3. Make a Plan

I recently watched Frozen 2 with my kids and was enamored by the message of the movie. When in dire need, they ask themselves, what’s the next right thing?

Once you’ve spent some of your morning time reading to learn, detail out your process. According to what you’ve learned, what is your next step to building the life of your dreams? What’s your next right thing?

Then, use your time to prioritize.

Ask yourself, what is the one most important thing I can do to build wealth today?

If you do JUST that one thing every day, you’ll make more strides in a month than you have in the last twelve.

4. Build Focused Work Time

Maybe creating wealth is dependent on growing your business. Or you need quality time to check in with your budget or investments. Go deep in the mornings with these tasks. It will be too early to talk yourself out of it. And again, it’s often the only time in the day without distractions. 

So go ahead and eat that frog (do your hardest thing first). No matter what happens the rest of the day, you’ll know you’ve made progress either way.

5. Prioritize Health

You may be thinking, what does health have to do with becoming wealthy? A lot actually.

It’s difficult to create wealth if you’re sick and tired all the time. You won’t want to get up early. It’s tough to focus, and you’ll have a very hard time making progress. 

Additionally, who wants to feel awful on their dream vacation? Or disease-ridden after they retire early? We just can’t ignore this part of the equation

So, devote a portion of that sacred morning routine to the future of your HEALTH. Start your morning with movement. That could be a full-blown workout, ten pushups, or a leisurely walk with your dog. Just get your blood flowing in some way. Then, commit to a healthy breakfast in your morning routine. A smoothie is a crazy easy option that you can take on the go.  

You might also consider taking health supplements as part of your morning routine. If this is something you’re interested in, make sure to check out reviews such as these Bio Complete 3 reviews to help you choose the best options for you.

No excuses here, health is a massive part of wealth.

6. Visualize Your Success

Jim Carrey once wrote himself a $10 million dollar check. He post-dated it ten years in the future and kept it in his wallet. 

Michael Phelps visualized his swims often. He pictured himself performing well, and what he would do if his races didn’t go as planned. 

Examples of successful visualization are abundant and can be a powerful tool to move your wealth journey forward. 

So, picture your bright future often. But visualization needs to be done consistently and with emotion to be effective (and backed with a plan from above). It’s a perfect addition to a regular morning routine. 

A Morning Routine Example

Let’s review. For a morning routine that can make you rich, consider these six elements when you wake up. 

  1. Find and Keep Clarity
  2. Learn Something Every Day
  3. Build a Plan, Review, & Prioritize
  4. Use Undistracted Work Time
  5. Create Time for Health
  6. Visualize your Success

A successful morning routine for wealth looks something like this:

6:00 Review or write short and long term goals.

6:10 Read a few pages from The Latte Factor or an article such as 13 Simple Habits of Highly Frugal People 

6:20 Review the next step on the plan. Prioritize the MOST IMPORTANT task to move forward

6:30 Work on that one thing specified above. (Ex. review the budget)

7:00 Workout or take a short walk around the block. Make a quick smoothie.

7:20 Visualize your dreams and goals. See yourself reaching them, and overcoming obstacles.

This routine is flexible! If you’re short on time, maybe you get up earlier, spend less time on each activity, or leave one out some days.

Do what you can, with what you have. 

Something to Consider with Wealth

What’s the Next Right Thing for YOU?

Remember, life’s a marathon, not a sprint. But, a well-structured morning routine puts you on the path to making your financial dreams a reality sooner rather than later

For more ideas to build your amazing routine, check out 10 Powerful Things to do in the Morning to Conquer the Day.

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.”
Marie Forleo

With love,


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