The Benefits of Coding Lessons for Children

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Since an overhaul almost a decade ago, children are taught coding in their computing lessons at school. This allows them to understand technology on a much deeper level and equips them with the knowledge to make it work. With AI being increasingly prevalent, there’s a demand for children to develop advanced digital skills, such as coding and it can help them to “future-proof” to a certain extent. Here are some more benefits that were shared by a girls prep school in London.

They Can Create Whatever They Like

Once children know how to code, they have the ability to create whatever they want. They can exercise their creativity and imagination, and work on exciting projects that have practical use in the real world.

Future Proof Career

With technology evolving at a rapid rate, experts predict that almost 75% of jobs by the year 2030 will require some level of advanced digital skills. Learning to code puts children at an advantage as they will have an understanding of how new technologies work and work with them.

Transferable Skills

Even if your child has no interest in coding, or anything tech-related for that matter, they can still benefit from the skills that they will be able to develop in class. They can work on transferable skills such as creative thinking and problem solving that are needed every day.


Coding doesn’t always involve smooth sailing, and things can break from time to time which means having patience and resilience. Skills which can give children the ability to deal with difficult situations.

The Fun Factor

For some, coding can be fun as they can experiment and build whatever they like.

While there are great benefits to coding, it’s understandably rather complex. For parents unsure on how to support children with their learning, there are a plethora of resources online, including games that make learning to code easy and enjoyable.

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