The Benefits of Journaling for Children

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When it comes to writing, reading and personal development, there’s nothing quite like writing in a diary each evening – or journaling. They can be used for a host of reasons, all of which bring a lot of benefits to children. Here are some of those advantages.

Teaches your child about creative writing

Journaling will help your child learn to collate thoughts and feelings in a safe space. It’s important to help your child with this as it’ll help them naturally build their confidence in using new words. More importantly this helps your child to write creatively. As they will be jotting down a lot of thoughts in their journal it’s important to their ability to freely write and explore those emotions.

Helps your child with their literacy skills

Literacy is of course one of the key foundation skills your child will be picking up as they develop. It’s why there will be a lot of lessons catered to your child’s writing – they will need to use these skills for a large portion of their life. So, helping them with this through journaling will mean they have an opportunity to continue writing and gathering their knowledge ready for the future. Writing plenty in their books, regardless of the number of errors they may make, can make them feel more confident in this area.

Teaches your child to recognise their emotions

Being able to recognise emotions is also integral to a child’s development. That will ensure your child has the ability to identify their own feelings without needing direct support from parents. That is going to really help children feel more confident and keen to write in their journal more.

With journaling your child should feel encouraged to write out exactly how they feel and what has caused an issue to unfold. It can be difficult to help them figure out what is wrong sometimes, but with their journal, they can reflect on their issues and how they can come to some sort of resolution.

Allows your child to be independent

Confidence is key in a child’s growth and it is why your child will need to work on their understanding of emotions and recognising feelings. In keeping a journal they are more likely to work on ways that develop their independence – they don’t have to turn to you for support all of the time. And that helps your child with their ability to think for themselves by looking through their diary and looking at things in a different way.

So there you have it. Journaling is a good approach for all students in school time while also helping children feel more confident in understanding themselves. That’s a huge element of what makes children feel safe, confident in their skills and much more. Should you want further advice on what can help children with the understanding of their own feelings, and journaling, you could contact this Sixth Form in Enfield.

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