10 baby things you don't need to buy
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10 Baby items you don’t need to buy

Walk into any baby shop and you’re immediately overwhelmed with 20,000 MUST BUY items for your new baby. It’s easy to get sucked into believing you need everything you see and spending hundreds of pounds on baby items which, let’s face it, you might never even use.  I once saw a lovely buggy in Mothercare, …

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How to make money with Prolific Academic

One of the easiest ways you can earn money online is by taking surveys and studies. One of my absolute favourite sites for this is Prolific Academic. It’s a crowdsourcing site where you take part in studies run by academic/scientific researchers. I like it because the studies are often a lot more interesting than general …

Saving and budgeting with Cleo
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Cleo – automatic savings and money managing

Do you struggle with budgeting and keeping track of your spending? Ever look at your bank balance and wonder what you did with all your money? Cleo can help you both with saving money easily, and keeping track of your spending. Try Cleo Cleo is a clever little bot that works in Messenger. It’s an …