Five Reasons You Should Consider Blogging About A Bad Experience

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Blogging is a popular pastime these days and millions of people around the world set themselves up a blog and start talking about their lives. It can often be a cathartic experience, and should it become a success it can go on to be a career, making good money from it.

However, when it comes to discussing experiences that may be considered bad ones, there’s often a bit of uncertainty as to whether you tell your story.

Talking about the likes of alcohol withdrawal, drug abuse, criminal activity and more can be taboo subjects, but if you’ve managed to turn your life around from them, they can also be inspiring.

Which is why these stories need to be told, and one of the best ways to do that is through blogging.

More and more people are suffering from the likes of addiction, and telling your story could be just what they need to hear. So, here are five reasons you should give it a go.

It’s like a kind of therapy

Firstly, do it for yourself. Writing things down can be incredibly cathartic, opening up your emotions and getting them down on paper, or in this case onto a screen. It can be a real release and used as a platform to get your thoughts and feelings off your chest.

That can only be helpful, and you’ll get the same sort of benefits for your mental health as you would writing a diary or journal.

You can inspire others

By telling your story and your road to recovery and success, you can inspire others to do the same. It tells those suffering that there is a way out of the situation, a way to get clean and sober, or a way to leave a certain life behind. 

People may find you in their hour of need and not only could it be inspiring, it could be life-saving too.

You’ll gather a support network

For people blogging about addiction especially, or any kind of mental health issue, you’ll start to develop a support network from the people who read your blog. You’re never cured of addiction or mental health disorders, you learn to manage them. But that means that you could find times of struggle again, and having people to support you and offer words of encouragement, even online, can be hugely important to your health and progression.

You can offer an informative, first-hand experience and help normalise a condition

Providing inspiration is one thing, but with many conditions there is still a stigma attached to them that simply shouldn’t be there. 

By blogging openly about your experiences, the facts of such conditions, you’re helping remove that stigma, by providing informative information and a first hand experience. That’s only going to help you and millions of other people in both the present and the future.

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