How To Use Fetch Rewards App To Save Money

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If you love saving money but hate clipping coupons, Fetch Rewards may be the perfect app for you.

Here’s a simple run down of what Fetch Rewards is, how it works, and how you can use it to save money and earn yourself some rewards in the process.

What is Fetch Rewards?

Fetch rewards is a money saving app that rewards users in vouchers for activities such as uploading and sharing shopping receipts.

Founded in 2013, its aim is to help people save money without the hassle of clipping coupons and has a mission to make life for its users ‘easier and more rewarding’.

How Fetch Rewards works

Fetch rewards works by collaborating with brands to help users save money on groceries in exchange for sharing their shopping habits by way of snapping quick photos of their shopping receipts.

This helps brands get a greater understanding of consumer habits and helps users get great discounts on their usual grocery shop.

How to use fetch rewards app

To use Fetch rewards, you first need to download the Fetch app, which is available on both iOS and android platforms.

With fetch rewards you earn points which you can exchange for vouchers or rewards of your choice. 1000 Fetch reward points are worth $1.

How to earn points with Fetch 

To earn points on Fetch Rewards all you need to do is upload grocery shopping receipts. You must upload your receipts within 14 days of the shopping trip.

You can also add your online shopping receipts, or even connect your Amazon and email accounts to collect points automatically.

Once you’ve collected your points and have accrued the minimum of $3 worth, you can cash in your rewards.

Simply visit the ‘Rewards’ section of the app and choose to redeem your earnings for your favourite gift cards. There are tons to choose from, including Amazon and Target, Mastercard, iTunes. Alternatively you can choose to donate your rewards to charity.

Once you’ve chosen and redeemed your reward, you can expect to receive it in your inbox within one to two days.

You can also earn extra points by purchasing specific products from their partnering brands, and by referring friends and family.

Is fetch rewards legit?

Yes, Fetch rewards is absolutely legitimate. Growing from it’s first office in Madison, Fetch rewards now also has offices in Chicago, New York and San Francisco, and has over one million users being rewarded for scanning their shopping receipts.

It has over 770,000 reviews on the apps store with an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5.

Fetch rewards app reviews showing 4.8 stars

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What’s so good about Fetch?

The best thing about Fetch Rewards is that you’ll be rewarded for every grocery receipt you upload. There’s no need to go looking for specific coupons or products, just shop as normal, scan your receipt and save money. 

You can also use Fetch Rewards to get an overview of your shopping history, to track your grocery budget and get a great handle on your grocery spending.

How does Fetch Rewards make money?

Fetch reward makes money from partnering directly with brands. When you share your shopping receipts with Fetch rewards, it enables brands to get a fuller view of customer shopping habits. Fetch rewards is completely free for its users.

Is Fetch Rewards available in UK?

Unfortunatlely Fetch rewards is not available in the UK, but if you’re looking for a receipt scanning app to use as a Fetch Rewards UK alternative, there are a few apps to choose from, including Shoppix, Shopmium and Snap My Eats.

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