5 Practical Tips To Follow Slimming World On A Budget

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Slimming world is my favourite of all the ‘diet’ plans I’ve followed, and helped me lose a lot of the weight I put on having my second baby, but I have to admit that I did find it tricky doing slimming world on a tight budget! Luckily, Ruth from Slimming Violet is here to show us that it can be done for less money, with some great, actionable tips on how to follow Slimming World on a budget.

5 Practical Tips To Follow Slimming World On A Budget


Five Practical Tips For Following Slimming World On A Budget

Have you been thinking about joining Slimming World to shift a few unwanted pounds, but keep putting it off because you’re worried about the impact that it could have on your finances?

You’re not alone, and this is a concern that many people have when it comes to committing to a healthier lifestyle.

There’s definitely a narrative that suggests that eating well is extortionately expensive, but the reality is that it’s not always so black and white.

With some careful planning and a bit of great advice under your belt, it’s very possible to commit to Slimming World without it costing you the earth.  


Here are five practical tips for following the plan on a budget…


If you want to join a group, don’t pay full price for membership

It costs £10 to join a local Slimming World group, and then £4.95 per week. There are many ways to save though. You’ll often find vouchers in women’s magazines that will waive your joining fee, and you can buy a ‘countdown’ at your group that will give you 6 weeks for the price of 5, or 12 weeks for the price of 10.

Once you reach the weight loss target that you set for yourself, you’ll get your membership for free, as long as you stay within 3lbs of your target. That’s a pretty decent motivator for sticking to the plan and getting the results you’re after!

It’s worth noting too of course that you definitely don’t have to attend a group meeting if you don’t want to, or if you want to slash your costs down further. Though meeting up in person with people on a similar journey can keep you accountable, there are plenty of free resources online that explain what you need to know.

Resist the temptation of jumping on all the latest bandwagons

There’s a huge community over on Instagram where you can find a load of inspiration for cooking up Slimming World friendly meals, and it can be a great resource for staying motivated and keeping you on track.

In the modern world though, it can be easy to get sucked into influencer marketing campaigns and the latest affiliate trends, and find yourself feeling like you really need to splash out on the latest ‘hot products’ that everyone’s raving about. From ready made spice kits to zero calorie sauces, there are so many businesses that are touting for your trade, and before you know it, you’ve got fifty quid’s worth of stuff in your virtual shopping basket.

Now listen… I’m absolutely not throwing shade on any of these companies. Nor am I suggesting that a few purchases here and there are going to be a complete waste of money. But at the end of the day, they’re never essential. Know that you don’t have to buy anything that you can’t pick up on a budget from your favourite supermarket!


Choose meals that are family friendly, so you’re only cooking once

family enjoying budget slimming world meal together

There are so many diet plans out there that involve eating all kinds of complicated creations that your kids and partner are probably going to turn their noses up at. Thankfully though, Slimming World isn’t one of them, and so you can make your life much simpler and cheaper by cooking just one meal for the whole family.

Even if you’re catering for the fussiest of eaters, make it your mission to commit to finding recipes that are going to allow you to follow your plan, and keep everyone happy. The last thing that anyone needs is to find themselves cooking three different meals every evening – it’ll do your budget and your sanity no good!

Make a list of your family favourites, and establish how you could make a few changes to ensure they’re Slimming World friendly. You could make pizzas using a wrap base, for example, or you could make a couple of tweaks to chillis and stews so they’re completely Syn free.


Do an inventory of your kitchen cupboards before you get started

When we’re starting a healthy eating plan, there’s a tendency to think that we need to rush out and spend a chunk of money on a big food shop. Like we’ve already covered though, following Slimming World doesn’t have to mean that you’re eating foods that you’ve never heard of before.

In fact, you probably already have plenty of things in your cupboards that you can use to cook some delicious and on-plan recipes. It’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself to use up those tins that have been sitting there for a while, and the spices that you’ve only used once or twice.

Sit down with a pen and paper, and work out how many meals you can cook without even visiting the supermarket. You might be surprised to discover that you don’t have to spend anything at all to get started!

Commit to meal planning like it’s your job

If you’re feeding a family on a budget, then you’ll be no stranger to the concept of meal planning. Everyone talks about it, and that’s because it’s such an effective way to manage your spending and minimise waste.

If you know that you’ve lapsed a bit recently when it comes to meal planning or you haven’t been quite as organised as you should be, then starting a Slimming World plan is a great opportunity to refocus and get back on the right track.

Ahead of your starting date, commit to making a meal plan for the week ahead. This is going to increase your chances of staying on track, it’s going to help you to reign in your spending, and it’s going to stop you from wasting cash on things that you simply don’t need. With a little forward thinking, Slimming World and budgeting can actually complement each other!

As is the case with anything, losing weight can cost you a fortune if you allow it to. It’s not the only way though, and as you can see, there are plenty of ways to cut down the costs when you want to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Are you following Slimming World at the moment? How are you ensuring that you stay within your budget?

Ruth blogs at SlimmingViolet.com, sharing Slimming World friendly, calorie counted recipes, and advice on making the plan work for you. She’s a home cook, food lover, and self-taught recipe creator who loves finding ways to make classic favourites a little lighter.

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How To Follow Slimming World On A Budget

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