How to Pick Up a New Language Without Spending a Fortune

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Learning a new language is the key to expanding your knowledge and boosting your career opportunities. However, most people get discouraged with the hefty fees charged by some tutors. Besides, some think that having tangible results is all about spending a fortune, which is never the case. 

Thankfully, there are tons of tools today that are free or highly affordable and will enable you to learn a foreign language with ease. We have curated a list of tools that will enable you to pick up a new language without spending a fortune.

Language learning apps

Initially, language learning software charged hefty prices to learn and practice a foreign language. Over time, a significant change occurred, resulting in many new apps and programs. They help you brush up your language skills or learn a new language for free or at a low price. Very affordable language apps, like Babbel for example, are perfect for learning a new language through interactive programs that make your learning experience fun and practical.

Find a conversation buddy

Often, tutors or taking a course enable you to practice speaking and to listen to a new language. Finding a real conversation group or buddy can be very helpful in learning a new language. This strategy is ideal for any beginner looking to learn a new language. The best part is, practicing with a friend or a group is free of charge. 

But, how do you find a conversation buddy? Well, the easiest way is by checking your network of friends. Here, you search for a friend(s) that is well-conversant with your favourite new language and team up. Besides, some may have intentions to boost their knowledge about the language, while others may voluntarily teach you that particular language. 

Look for extra resources

YouTube. As we all know, YouTube is one of the largest social media platforms and offers a wide range of videos. You will find it with plenty of handy videos to help you pronounce and speak a new language with ultimate ease. Interestingly, YouTube’s video quality never goes astray. And you can choose what language you want to learn. Therefore, it comes as a fantastic resource for learners interested in new languages. 

Watch Netflix. Netflix hosts tons of movies and TV shows from all around the world. Most of the videos are available in different languages to suit users’ needs. Not only are many English-language movies available in different languages and subtitles, there is also a Chrome extension that can enhance your Netflix learning experience even more. Thus, you can listen to and practice your target language with ease. After gaining some knowledge, you can turn off the English subtitles. The good thing is, some of the programmes provide foreign language captions. So, you can learn and practice the language effortlessly.

Read books. Is reading books something you enjoy doing? Well, you can look for books in the language you intend to learn from a library. Or, buy from an online store like Amazon at an affordable price and start reading them. Also, consider using a Kindle that is both cost-effective and practical to carry around. Then, compare the original language with the English translation or avoid it entirely.

Listen to podcasts. Practicing to listen to a foreign language can be a pretty challenging task for many people. Finding a radio station that gives podcasts in your study language is the best solution. Typically, there are plenty of radio stations across the world but the best option is probably Spotify. You can search for a national radio stations broadcasting in the language you study. 

With the above tools, learning a new language will definitely not cost you a fortune! They are efficient, reliable, and convenient for boosting your language learning experience. Above all, each tool guarantees you incredible results and sometimes even entertainment.  

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