Great Ways To Save Money When Shopping On Amazon

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Shopping online is not a new thing anymore. In fact, people have been shopping online for many years now. Even though the Amazon Prime Day shopping spree has ended, there are still plenty of ways to save significant amounts of money when shopping, like using Amazon promo codes.


Amazon has an incredible infrastructure, and the company is getting bigger by the day. It’s no wonder that they can offer amazing discounts, as well as astonishing loyalty services to their frequent customers. These are some incredible ideas on how to save money when buying on Amazon:


1. Trying Before Buying


“Prime Wardrobe” is a service offered by Amazon that allows its users to choose whichever clothes they want. When people receive their packages, they can try out the garments and see which pieces fit the best and which ones they like the most. After people make the decision about which clothes they wish to keep, they can send the rest of the goods back to Amazon since the roundtrip shipping is free for customers.


Prime customers are not obligated to purchase everything they order if they ship back the goods they don’t want within seven days, and shipping both ways is free for Prime customers. That’s why the Prime Wardrobe service has become incredibly popular. 


2. Shopping With Prime Rewards Card
Save money shopping


If you’re approved for Visa Card Prime Rewards, you can obtain the Amazon gift card of up to $70 worth. But that’s not where it ends since after every purchase you make with the gift card, Amazon will give back 5% of the money you’ve spent on Amazon purchases. People can redeem the accumulated points for more Amazon purchases, travels, more gift cards, or even cash. The gift card offers this option only for Amazon Prime members.


3. Paying For Seasonal Prime Services


Initially, Amazon Prime customers had to pay the annual subscription fee of $99. Today, people can opt-out for partial subscription during the high holiday season or whenever they want during the year. Using the 2-day delivery service with free shipping during the holiday season is incredible, and people can now have it thanks to the “Prime by the month” subscription plan that costs $10.99, which is a steal. You must remember to cancel your membership after you’re done shopping, otherwise it’ll automatically renew itself the next month.


4. Using Discounts, Price Guarantees, And Coupons


Amazon’s discounts and coupons can significantly change the shoppers’ experience since people can find plenty of articles at low prices – from spices and cosmetics to computers, etc. Additionally, using gopromocodes will help people save a lot when purchasing on Amazon. The company also offers a “Subscribe & Save” option, which allows people to subscribe to the items they want. They can then get the items at the discounted price, but they’ll need to buy them on a regular basis.


Another benefit people can get from Amazon is the “difference refund.” What this means is that if you, for example, buy something from Amazon and then find the exact item and same model at a competing retail store within 30-days from the initial purchase, Amazon will refund the difference in price.


5. Choosing The No-Rush Shipping Has Its Benefits


If you’re not making purchases during the holiday season, then you’re most likely not in a rush to receive your goods. If that’s the case, you should opt-out for the free “no-rush shipping” method since you can earn various rewards and discounts on future purchases from Amazon. Once your parcel has been shipped, the discounts will instantly be applied to your Amazon account.


6. Trading Your Old Items For Gift Cards


Amazon has launched a “Trade-In” program that allows customers to trade their old items like video games, smartphones, books, tablets, etc. The truth is, instead of cash, you’ll get gift cards in return. But considering that people make most online purchases on Amazon, gift cards are the next best thing.


7. Using The Amazon’s Warehouse Deals


Amazon’s warehouse deals include open-box products that have been returned by other customers like tablets, smartphones, and even TVs. The returned items are unboxed and usually have minor cosmetic damage. All items are sorted by their physical condition. That way, you’ll know if what you’re buying is in fine condition or not. Additionally, in case you don’t like the product you purchased, you can return it within 30 days and ask for a full refund.




Before purchasing on Amazon, always look for discounted prices and use the gift cards or promo codes you already have because they will change your overall online shopping experience. Additionally, see if you have some old items that you could trade-in to get even more gift cards for making purchases. Amazon offers various Prime services that you must check and utilize before you buy the products you want since you may be eligible for additional price drops.


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