6 Tips to Help You Save for a New Motorcycle After an Accident

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Being involved in a motorcycle accident is never pleasant, especially if you are injured or if the accident is due to no fault of your own. Because motorcycle accidents can result in severe injuries, disabilities, and in some cases, even death, it’s important to take the situation seriously, regardless of your position in the situation. If your motorcycle has been totaled after an accident, knowing how to go about saving for a new one can prevent you from feeling stressed and overwhelmed as you work towards obtaining transportation again.

1. Learn Your Legal Rights

Understanding your legal rights matters, especially after being involved in a motorcycle accident. According to the Ohio Revised Code §2305.10 (A), individuals in the State of Ohio will have up to three years in total to file a claim after being involved in a motorcycle collision, regardless of their position.

2. Retain Legal Counsel

If you have a personal injury claim that you wish to pursue, you will need to do so within two years if you are currently a resident of the State of Ohio. To do so, retaining legal counsel and hiring the right lawyer is highly advisable. An attorney who is experienced in handling motorcycle accidents and claims can walk you through the process of filing the paperwork and documentation necessary for your case while doing so properly each step of the way.

3. Request Video and Photographic Evidence From Nearby Locations

Anytime you are involved in an accident or confrontation that leads to a courtroom, it is important to collect as much evidence as possible. From a 2015 study, approximately 25.2% of police officers who were equipped with body cameras found the devices to be ultimately useful during interactions. Requesting video and photographic evidence from witnesses at the scene of the accident or even local businesses and police departments near you can go a long way in proving your side of the case.

4. Contact Your Auto Insurance Agency

After an accident of any kind, you will want to take the time to immediately contact your insurance agent directly. Speaking with someone from your insurance provider will help you determine the best course of action to take based on your situation and whether you are at fault. Your insurance agency will walk you through the process of filing a claim based on the type of accident you were involved in and if your motorcycle was completely totaled.

5. Create a New Savings Account

Even after you are in the process of recovering from a motorcycle accident, you will still need to consider how you will be saving for a new bike, especially as you await a ruling from a judge or your insurance company. Saving for a new motorcycle is much easier to do once you have opened a new savings account specifically designated for putting money away for a new or used bike.

6. Research New and Used Motorcycles

Researching both new and used motorcycles that are similar to your previous bike is also recommended after you’re involved in an accident of any kind that results in the loss of your original mode of transportation. If you are on a limited or set budget, you may want to consider searching for a used motorcycle that is just as reliable as a new release. Finding the right bike for you is possible by visiting numerous dealerships and by researching options and reviews ahead of time online.

Even after being involved in a motorcycle accident, it is possible to learn how to start saving for a new one, whether you choose to go with a new or used bike. From recovering after an accident to seeking compensation, there are many different ways to keep in mind that may help you save for a new motorcycle after being involved in a collision.

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