35 Kids Activities To Do While Stuck At Home

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If you’re tearing your hair out wondering how your going to keep your kids entertained for however long we’re going to be stuck at home, you’re not alone!

I have ZERO clue how mums who homeschool manage it, it’s been two weeks and I swear, I’m just not cut out for it. These homeschool resources help though!

The kids miss school, I miss school, and considering how hard it usually is to get them up and out in the morning they seem to have forgotten that just a few days ago they were excited at the thought of staying home with their mum!

From breakfast to bored in zero point five seconds. Hopefully your kids are a little more focused than mine, but if you’re looking for some extra inspiration to keep them occupied, here are a few suggestions for home play.

1. Movie night – A classic! Choose a family friendly film and open the popcorn. Substitute night for literally any time of day – we’ve started Monday Morning Movies (sorry Joe Wicks – just couldn’t hack it.)

2. Indoor picnic – Kids LOVE this one, and it’s great for a rainy day. Pop a blanket on the floor and lay out some snacks and picnic food.

3. Build a fort – a winner with kids of all ages, let them loose with sheets and blankets and see what they come up with.

4. Play board games – Crack out your board games and enjoy some family game time. We’re loving Snakes and Ladders and Connect 4 at the moment!

5. Charades – An oldie but a goodie; a game of charades is always good for some laughs

6. Get baking – Aprons and rolling pins at the ready! Get the kids involved with baking cakes and cookies. Or if supplies are running low it’s a great time to teach them how to make their own bread. That’s if you can find any yeast. Or flour. (Where are the hoarders hiding it all?!)

7. T shirt decorating – You can order fabric pens or get creative with tie-dying (food colouring will work too if you don’t have fabric dye)

8. Lego building – Have a contest to see who can come up with the best Lego creation. Just make sure you get them to tidy it away. Accidentally standing on that stuff HURTS.

9. Reading – Curl up with some favourite stories. Read to them, let them read to you.

10. Do some science experiments – here are some good home experiments to try:

11. Make salt dough – have a go at making your own salt dough creations – here’s a recipe.

12. Have a dance party – bad day? Crack on the music and have a family dance party to get rid of the blues

13. Make balloon animals – learn how to make your own balloon animals – Google it!

14. Have an Easter egg hunt – who said it needed to be Easter Day for an egg hunt? There’s never a bad day for chocolate.

15. Make a family time capsule – One day we’ll want (maybe) to think back to these times and what better way than with your own family time capsule of memories.

16. Make your own pizza – make dinner time fun by creating your own pizzas. Set up a topping station and let everyone design their own pizza.

17. Have a family talent show – everyone gets their own time to practice and perform.

18. Puppet show – Help the kids make their own puppet show with socks and cardboard boxes then be the audience for their show.

19. Do some yogaCosmic Kids on Youtube is brilliant for making yoga fun with popular stories and shows. Seriously. It’s amazing. Stick it on for the kids and get a cuppa.

20. Do some jigsaw puzzles – work together on a puzzle.

21. Start your own vegetable garden – Get your hands dirty and work together to start your own vegetable patch in the garden. If you don’t have a garden why not try growing some herbs indoors.

22. Handprint craftsTry some of these handprint crafts for kids.

23. Write letters – While we can’t get out to visit people in person, writing letters is a great way to keep in touch and let people know you’re thinking of them.

24. FaceTime with family and friends – video calls are another great way to keep in contact.

25. Play card games – Snap, Pairs and Uno are family favourites.

26. Make homemade playdough – fun to make and fun to play with; here’s a recipe:

27. Make your own story book – Get the kids to write and illustrate their own stories and stick the pages together to make into a book.

28. Bubbles – Break out the bubbles, always a winner.

29. Painting – Let the kids get creative – don’t forget to put newspaper down first!

30. Paper aeroplanes – make paper aeroplanes and see how they fly.

31. Learn a language – Try learning a language together – apps like Duolingo are great for this!

32. Make a fairy garden – use things from around the house to build a fairy garden.

33. Play ‘will it float’ – little ones will love this – fill up the bath or container with water and collect various household items, they then have to guess ‘will it float?’

34. The floor is lava – A great game for burning off energy, throw down and scatter some cushions and keep those feet off the floor!

35. Make a scavenger hunt – Hide things around the house and garden and create your own clues for the kids to follow.

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