Top Tips for Helping Your Child Learn a New Language

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Learning a new language should be fun and enticing. It’s a good way to give your child a lot more development of their skills and also gives them something really exciting to pick up on a regular basis. A new language helps in not just their own personal development, but in times when you want to visit a new country.

In this guide by one of the best independent schools in Surrey we explore some ways to help your child pick up a new language and make the experience fun.

Pick up lots of new books for them to enjoy

Having a lot of different books that explore the language they’re learning gives them plenty of opportunity to absorb knowledge. It’s a good way to make them feel confident in what they’re learning, and it’s something a lot of children can easily pick up in their spare time. As they build their skills this will become second nature to them and they can develop their reading and writing skills in another language.

Visit the country they’re learning the language of

A good tester is to visit countries that speak the language your child is learning. It’s not wise to put your child on the spot and let them do the talking, but you can give them a better understanding of accents and pronunciation from native speakers. They can feel a lot more immersed in their abilities this way.

Learn alongside them

Being able to pick up skills with their parents is going to give them a lot more motivation. It also helps your child feel confident to talk to people of different ages – providing them with a lot of practice in their speaking and listening skills. If it’s something your child wants to pursue for a long time then it’s worth dedicating your own efforts to as well – it can really help a child feel good about their choices.

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