Should My Child Go to Sixth Form?

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Sixth Form is the next step for a lot of students heading towards A Levels and having to experience the next stage in their studies. It will be a natural step up for students to look at that will allow them to advance onto a University degree or another form of higher education, but it has to be the right choice for your child as well.

There are a few considerations you and your child will have when it comes to Sixth Form, and thankfully you’re in the right place. This private Sixth Form in London has some ways to help your child make the right decision.

Your child’s future career aspirations

If your child has the right frame of mind then they will have an idea of what they would like to study after their A Levels, which will allow them to choose the right subjects at Sixth Form. If they have a good idea of what they want to study then it makes Sixth Form the easier, more logical choice.

Your child’s subject choices

Most private Sixth Forms will offer a wide variety of subjects for students to take on, often providing more choice than at a public school. However, it has to be the right curriculum and subjects that your child wants to pursue. Ensure both you and your child have done enough prior research to make sure it’s the right place for your child to go.

The advancement of A Levels

While every student in school will take on GCSEs, A Levels have a clear step up from the compulsory exams and qualifications. This has to be manageable for your child as it can be a bit of a shock to the system if they aren’t prepared beforehand. To remedy this, we recommend having a range of study books on the subject that your child can take a look through. This will help them see what they could be up against, or even reassure them that they will be prepared for the next stage in their studies.

Sixth Form, for the most part, should be an exciting experience for students as it often symbolises a huge step in confidence and reaching adulthood. Allowing your child to explore a Sixth Form can really help them with their future studies, but it has to be the right choice for them. Talk to your child’s school and their teachers about the best approach, to see what they can support you both with.

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