How to Save Money at the Airport

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When air travel resumes, there are probably going to be a lot of changes when it comes to the new normal. An article from The Telegraph explains how shifts in prices depend on how many airlines are left operational. If most need assistance from the government, it is unlikely that we’ll see an increase in prices. There’s also a chance that we might see some discounts to help boost seat sales.

Despite these changes, sticking to your budget can still be a challenge when you’re stuck at the airport for a long time. If you’re travelling as a family, here are some savvy travel tips and ways you can make your journey more affordable:

Consider paying a little extra for lounge access

If you have a long layover, or are expecting to be at the airport for a long time, it might be worth considering an airport lounge. Even though it may sound counter-intuitive at first, a Reader’s Digest guide suggests spending more to gain access to a lounge will actually save money overall. On average, it costs approximately £20 or less, £15 or less for children, and free for infants to enter. Instead of lining up for ages and spending on expensive drinks and meals, many of these offer buffets and healthy selections included in the cost of entry. In addition, it prevents you from spending casually browsing for items you don’t need at duty-free stores, so you avoid impulse buys.

Pack your own snacks and meals

If you’re looking for an ultimate way to save money, try doing some meal prep before you leave for the airport. Surprisingly, CN Traveler claims that you can bring almost any type of meal on the plane. However, the closer it is to a liquid or gel-like format, the more difficult it is to travel with. Bringing a sandwich, a slice of cake, fruit, or vegetables is totally fine. On the other hand, anything with a lot of sauce, soup, or stew should be avoided. For some peace of mind, try to avoid bringing anything too fragrant or difficult to eat in public.

Check airport apps for deals and coupons

As well as providing key flight information, many airport apps offer a variety of services including airport navigation, support for accessibility services, and online check-in. Often, airports and airlines are also likely to offer exclusive promotions on their mobile apps for food and shopping services. To streamline the payment process, FIS Global describes how omnichannel solutions like QR codes can help tailor the retail experience to the needs of the mobile-ready customer. Before making a purchase, it’s a good idea to download and check these apps to see if you can save a few quid with your mobile.

Avoid airport currency conversion

Try and make sure you’ve exchanged any currency in advance, as currency conversion fees at the airport kiosks can work out pretty expensive. You could also look into taking out a great travel credit or debit card with low or no fees to spend or withdraw cash while you’re abroad.

Make sure your luggage is the correct weight

Overweight luggage can result in hefty extra fees so make sure to weigh your baggage in advance to make sure you’re within the allocated weight range.

Always plan ahead when it comes to transportation

In general, express services tend to cost more compared to standard services. If you’re taking a train, look at the schedule in advance and see if you can score some deals on group tickets. Also, make sure to allocate enough time in your schedule if you’ve got a tight itinerary. In addition, booking ahead for car parking can help you get a better price.

Bring some boredom busters

Airport shops are notoriously pricey, after all, once you’re there you don’t have other options, so be prepared for any delays or long waits by bringing something to keep you entertained. Books to read, puzzles or colouring books, card games and similar for the kids, along with magazines and music players can save you spending out of boredom.

Lastly, if you’re suffering from a flight delay, consider reading our previous article on ‘What to Do When Your Flight Gets Delayed’ to see if you’re entitled to financial compensation or an insurance claim. You can use these extra funds to save up for your next bucket list destination.

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How to save money at the airport

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