How to Make a Good Learning Space At Home For Your Child

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Learning spaces are important for your child to really grow and develop their skills. Having that area for your child to play, absorb knowledge and truly build their abilities will help them in the long run. That’s why this nursery in Fulham has some ways to help you make the perfect nursery space at home.

Set up a safe space for your child to enjoy themselves

There is going to be a lot of free time for your child to play and have fun both in nursery and outside of nursery learning time. Having their own space to do that helps greatly in their success on the days where they’re in the classroom. A good space laid out in their nursery at home will allow them to pick up on what they’ve learnt in their days at the nursery school, and how it will help them with their personal development.

Incorporate the big learning blocks in your child’s space

Literacy and numeracy are key in your child’s development from a very young age. There’s a lot you can do in the nursery area at home, like sticking the alphabet on the wall, using sums and numbers, farm animals, and much more. They may well not understand everything on these walls, but it’s a good way to help your child get used to what they could be asked about at a later date.

Help your child put their own stamp on the room

A new nursery or room would be where your child can put their own mark on the space. It means that they can really personalise their own space. It gives your child that chance to feel creative, inspired, and many more things. You could use their fingers to print onto the walls, or get them to draw a portrait of themselves to stick up each year to see their progress. Whatever you think your child will appreciate, now is the time to do it!

A great learning space comes from both you and your own child coming together to make something incredible, unique and memorable. Use that to your advantage as your child grows older.

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