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A few years ago, we were away on holiday in rural France with family when my 2-year-old little girl slipped over a football and badly broke her femur. 

What followed was a long ambulance trip to the nearest hospital, surgery and a week in hospital struggling with language barriers and a traumatised toddler who couldn’t understand anything that was happening.

The bill for her hospital stay, surgery and treatment came to many thousands of Euros.

Then we were told that her recovery would involve staying in a plaster cast from waist to toe for 7 weeks, meaning she would be unable to even sit up. 

This meant the only option for getting her home was ambulance transportation all the way back to England.

That was also NOT cheap.

It was a horrible, horrible week and all I can say is thank goodness we were insured! I can’t imagine how stressful it would have been if we’d have also been worrying about how on earth we were going to pay for everything.

That’s why I think it’s so important to think carefully about taking out insurance.

I do understand how buying insurance can sometimes feel like throwing money away without getting anything in return, but however clichéd it sounds, you honestly never know what might happen, and having insurance helps give you that peace of mind and financial security.

Multi Cover Insurance – Select and Cover

Actually getting hold of that insurance can be a minefield though! There are so many things you can get insured for – breakdown cover, life insurance, travel insurance, mobile phone cover, home emergencies, the list goes on and on. Then there are so many insurers and different policies to choose from.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just cover several things with one monthly payment? 

Luckily, with HSBC’s Multi Cover Insurance, you can.

HSBC’s Select and Cover is designed to help make insurance easy. It’s exclusively for UK HSBC customers with online banking aged 18 and over. 

With Select and Cover, you can pick and mix the types of insurance cover you need, all under the same policy with just one monthly premium.

There are 7 options to choose from:

  • Mobile Phone – Accidental damage, breakdown, loss and theft, including accessories, up to 4 claims a year.
  • Gadget – Covers tablets, laptops, cameras, smart watches, fitness trackers and more, up to 4 claims a year.
  • Worldwide Travel – Emergency medical treatment, cancelled trips, and lost baggage (max. age 70).
  • Motor Breakdown – Comprehensive European cover, plus vehicle repairs both at home and the roadside.
  • Home Emergency – Emergency repairs available 24 hours a day for heating, plumbing, electrical and more.
  • Excess Protection – Refunds your excess if you make a claim on many types of insurance policies.
  • Starter Life – £15,000 lump sum payment if you or your partner were to die (max. age 50).

Prices start at £19.50 for 3 options which you can choose to change yearly at the anniversary of the policy if you wish. You can also add and remove one option during the year, as long as you maintain the minimum of 3 options at all times. Insurance covers you and your family (partner and children.)

Family includes your partner and any children under 18 who live with you. In addition to this, it also includes any children under 23 who are in full-time education but are usually home when it is not term time.

Terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations apply. HSBC UK Bank Plc acts as an insurance intermediary for Select and Cover. Motor breakdown insurance is underwritten by RAC. Starter life insurance is underwritten by HSBC Life (UK) Limited. All other Select and Cover options are underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited.

Why choose multi-cover insurance?

Choosing multi cover insurance is convenient and time saving. It helps takes away the hassle of having to search for and take out multiple insurance policies.

It means you don’t have to worry about keeping track of several bills or direct debits on different dates – you just have one payment to manage. 

What to consider before taking out insurance?

Do you actually need it?

Always consider whether you actually need the insurance first. For example, some mobile phone contracts already have insurance built in, so you wouldn’t want to buy another phone insurance policy.

If you rarely travel, it might work out cheaper to buy single trip travel insurance when you actually go, rather than including it in a multi cover policy.

What do you want to cover?

Decide on what’s important to you and what you want to be protected from. Perhaps you want peace of mind that if your car breaks down you’ll be able to easily get back home, or that you’d be covered in case of illness or accidents on holiday.

What are the costs?

It’s always worth comparing prices of either your existing policies, or those you’re thinking of taking out, to make sure you’re getting a deal that works for you. Comparing the individual policy costs against the price of a multi cover premium can help you work out what suits you best.

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