5 Ways to Improve Your Affiliate Website

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Affiliate websites are a popular way to make money online if you don’t want to physically stock and sell products of your own. Affiliates advertise products and services on behalf of other companies. Using an affiliate link, you can create a review or comparisons of products or services on your website to provide interested buyers with more information. When a customer purchases a product or service through your site, you will earn a commission. Successful affiliate websites are in high-demand and if you’re running one, you might be able to sell the business for a lucrative amount. Before having your affiliate website valued, here are some tips for improvement that you may want to consider. 

Modern Design and Easy Navigation

An affiliate website should be aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and accessible. It’s worth checking out the design of your website to see if there is anything that you can do to improve it. Many factors go into proper valuation including the website design, so if yours is looking a little dated, it might be time for a revamp. In addition, with more people looking for products and services using their smartphones and tablets, a responsive design that works well on any device has never been more important. 

Remove Broken Links

If you’ve been running an affiliate site for some time, chances are that you may have some old content on there with links that no longer lead to anywhere. Affiliate programs change all the time and products and services become no longer available, so it’s important to check your site for any broken links and make sure that they are removed. Not only could the presence of broken links impact the value of the site, but it can also harm your SEO efforts. 

Consistent Branding

It might be time for a rebrand if you are considering having your affiliate website valued to sell. A consistent and appealing brand is bound to help you get a valuation and make your site more appealing to prospective buyers. Consider some of your own favourite affiliate sites like comparison sites for energy or insurance prices and think about the type of branding that they use and how they do it well. Make sure that your branding is consistent across all the channels that you use including social media, print advertisements and email. 

Honest Descriptions and Affiliate Links

Most people don’t like to feel that they are being tricked into buying something a certain way when they are shopping or looking for information online. If you have mentioned products and entered your affiliate link in your blog content, then make sure that you include an honest endorsement of the link and ensure that readers are aware that the content contains one. Most of the time, people are still happy to click through but appreciate being made aware. 

Reassess Your Affiliate Programs

Spending some time to reassess the affiliate programs you’re signed up to is a good move to make before getting your site valued. This gives you the opportunity to see which affiliate programs are not bringing in many commissions and which ones are performing the best. Once you have done this, you have more information that you can use to decide whether it’s worth continuing with certain affiliate programs or whether you should replace them with new ones that are likely to perform better. 

Affiliate websites are a popular way to make money through promoting products and services on the behalf of another company. Whether you simply want to make more commissions or are considering having your site valued to sell, making these improvements will help you get the results you want. 

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