5 Top Tips For Taking Online Surveys

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Taking surveys online is a simple way to earn extra money. Anyone (mostly adults but some sites will also accept from age 13) can do it, and there are plenty of survey providers available. Generally, all it involves is giving your opinion or feedback on companies, products, services or advertising in exchange for a cash reward or other incentive.

This is one of my favourite and easiest ways to earn some extra money and I use quite a few different survey sites and money making apps.

To help get you started here are my 5 top tips for using online survey sites.

How to take online surveys for extra cash

1. Set up a separate email address.

To keep your inbox uncluttered, it’s a good idea to set up a separate email address so all your survey invitations go to one place. This way you’re less likely to miss out on a survey and you don’t clutter up your personal email inbox.

2. Don’t sign up for everything all at once.

There are hundreds of survey sites out there and not all of them are legit or offer good incentives. Start with a couple of sites that have been recommended that definitely pay out. When you find one that you like and get on well with, add some more. If you sign up to loads all at once, chances are you’ll be overwhelmed with surveys from so many places that you’ll end up not earning much from anywhere. If you add them in gradually as you get used to navigating each site, it’s easy to earn consistently across more sites.

3. Be consistent.

Don’t try to change your answers because you think you know what the survey is looking for. Inconsistent or dishonest answers will flag up, and likely get your accounts banned or suspended.

4. Don’t be disheartened when you get screened out.

Unfortunately this does happen sometimes. And it’s very frustrating but surveys are always looking for a particular demographic that we’re not always going to suit. So if we want to make money with surveys, it’s just something we have to deal with. If this puts you off completely, only sign up for sites that don’t give you surveys you can be disqualified from. Sites that don’t screen you out include Prolific Academic and YouGov.

5. Check if there’s a referral bonus

Many sites will offer a referral or sign up bonus. If you can get a bonus for signing up using someone’s link or code, it’s worth doing as it will benefit both you and them and costs nothing. However, it’s worth using the referral of someone who is willing to help you out with the site if needed.

Ready to go? Check out my list of  survey sites that genuinely pay.


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5 top tips for taking surveys for money


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