Best gift ideas for families with a limited budget

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The holidays are a time to be thankful and happy, as you get to spend time with those you love. There are some amazing things that make a wonderful festive experience; good food, great company, and, of course, gifts! Now, we all know that gift buying is a major part of the Christmas season, and it’s something many of us look forward to. However, it can be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive!


So, you need to think of ideas that are going to help you save money and still be able to get some pretty epic personalised gifts at the same time. These are some of the best ideas that you can use to help find gifts for the family on a limited budget. Check out these options for some inspiration!


Gifts for Him


A Close Shave


What does every man wants for his home during the holidays? Answers on a postcard please! Well, we can say with some degree of certainty that a shaving kit of some kind is always welcome! Your man will want to keep himself well-groomed, and affordable shaving is very in right now, so this is something you can do without breaking the bank.


IOU Coupons


If you want to get creative (and thrifty) with your gift, then one of the best ideas might be to go for a collection of IOU coupons that he can cash in throughout the year. These could be anything from a day of you doing all the housework, washing his car, to offering him a guy’s night.


The Way to a Man’s Heart


As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and this is worth keeping in mind. Preparing and cooking him a delightful meal is one of the best gifts you can give, especially if he’s a foodie. In fact, this is something that won’t cost you any more than buying the ingredients! 


Gift Basket


What’s a good gift for a man during the winter season? Well, this is pretty subjective, but there’s no question that a gift basket can offer the perfect option for festive and personalised gifts for him. You can put anything you want in a gift basket, which is what makes it so perfect, so get creative with this today!


A Year of Dates


What are some cool gifts for a couple? Well, here’s one that would be a great gift for him, but also allows you to enjoy time together as a couple too! So you get the best of both worlds. A year of dates is an excellent and creative gift for the man in your life. You could even be a little naughtier with it and extend it to ideas for nocturnal activities!


Gifts for Her


Romance Ain’t Dead!


Show her romance ain’t dead! It’s your time to step up and renew her faith in the world of romance! Now, you can achieve this through a lovely, romantic (and cheap) gift, such as a picnic, a moonlit walk, or a trip to the beach.


Modern Gift, Modern Woman


The modern woman is an assertive go-getter. A ball-buster in the boardroom, and you can come up with a gift that shows you love and respect her as a career woman. Check out this rose velvet business card case from Poppin, available for less than $6!


Bath Tray


When looking at gifts for her, you should be thinking about what she  likes to do. Many women like to destress with some self-care, and that often involves a long hot bath. So this bamboo bath caddy would be the perfect accessory to help with this.


Gadget Stand


It’s not just men who are into gadgets these days! And a stunning cellphone and tablet stand is the ideal choice for the tech-loving lady in your life. It’s the ultimate embodiment of what defines a stylish gift. She can use it in the office or working from home, and it’s the perfect practical gift.


Mother Daughter Bracelet


If she is a mom as well as your lady, then this stunning mother-daughter bracelet by Attic would be the perfect gift for her. This is a thoughtful and loving gift and allows her to carry the bond between her and her daughter with her every day.


Gifts for the Kids


Movie Night… In!


A unique, cheap, and family-oriented gift for the kids this holiday season might be to give them the gift of a movie night in! This is also a great gift for the family, and you can do little touches to make a difference. For instance, you might give them pretend tickets to the movies that they exchange with you for snacks “on the door.”


Play-Doh Kitchen Creations


All kids love Play-Doh, and a great way of being able to keep them happy and creative would be to buy the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Spinning Treats Mixer. It comes with a mixer, removable bowl, and different shapes, so they can create all their kitchen essentials. 


Portable Lego Tray


An ingenious idea for the Lego-lover in the family, this portable Lego tray allows your kid to carry their half-finished handiwork around with them. It also keeps them occupied on boring family days out, and gives you a break!


A Retro Games Console


Another great idea would be to gift your child with a retro games console; you can get these for reasonable prices these days. Better still, you might even choose to gift them one of your old consoles!


Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium


If your child is a science lover, or you want to try to help them become one, make sure you get them this stunning Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium. They can create their own little mini-ecosystem and learn all about the life of plants in the process. 


When trying to choose the perfect gifts for her, personalised gifts for him, or even kids’ gifts, sometimes you need to think outside the box. There are plenty of great ideas for gifts for family members these days, and they don’t have to cost a lot; use these ideas for inspiration.