The Undeniable Benefits Of Buying Second-Hand

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Some people turn their noses up at buying products second-hand. They would rather risk financial misfortune than suffer a blight on their reputation with a used motor or a cheap sofa. Instead, they always buy brand new, despite the expense.


But here’s the thing.


There is nothing wrong with buying second-hand, especially when the products in question are of good quality, as there are some undeniable benefits to be gained.


#1: You will step off the consumerist treadmill


How many times have you bought something because it’s in trend? How many times have you fallen prey to advertising that has lied to you about the need to have a particular item? How many times have you replaced a phone or a laptop with something that, despite the marketing promises, delivered little more than the device you already owned?


If you can relate to what we have just said, then you are currently on the consumerist treadmill. As a result, you probably spend too much money on items that could be bought for less if you waited a while and bought second-hand. And you might be more than a little addicted to having the latest items from the store shelves as well. However, should you adopt a second-hand mentality, you will start to think before you buy, perhaps with the knowledge that what you were going to splash out on isn’t immediately needed in your life at all.


#2: You will have more money in your pocket


Savings can be made everywhere in your life. 


Rather than buy a brand new motor, you could visit used car sites such as reallyeasycarcredit and buy something almost new but at a much cheaper price. Rather than splash out on the latest books, DVDs, or  electronic items for your home, you could buy something slightly older but at a more affordable price at sites such as Amazon and eBay. And rather than spend a fortune on new furniture, you could visit local hospice and other furniture charity stores and pick up something that is both comfortable and affordable. 


The upshot of saving money in such ways? You will have more money in your pocket, and that could be used for your emergency fund, your savings, and for the more expensive items in your life that can’t be bought second-hand. We are thinking about family holidays abroad, for example. So, before you splash out on something brand new, think about your actions. Could you buy the same or similar product second-hand and use the extra cash you save for something else? We think you know your answer.


#3: You will feel less guilty


How many times have you suffered from buyer’s guilt? Probably as a result of spending too much money on items you didn’t really need, you might then have resigned yourself to the expense or returned the items in question. And how many times have you felt guilty about your environmental impact? As we discussed in our article on reasons to buy second-hand clothes, the impact we have on the environment is huge when we buy certain products brand new. To take a stand against big companies and to avoid landfill waste, buying second-hand is one way to alleviate the guilt you might feel concerning your carbon footprint. 


So, think about the points we have raised the next time you’re thinking of buying something brand new. You will benefit in all the ways we have mentioned if you decide to put your wallet away and consider second-hand alternatives instead. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. 


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