Family Toilet Seat Review

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Review by Mr Manypennies – Family Toilet Seat


I tend to like buying things that make my life easier (or save me money). Although not the most exciting purchase I’ve ever made, one thing I really recommend is a family toilet seat (this one is available from Amazon).

I initially bought it after I heard a terrible scream from my eldest daughter when she was on the loo, and whilst it took her some time to reveal the reason why she suddenly appeared traumatised, it turned out she had fallen in to the toilet! This brought about a temporary fear of  toilets, so I wanted to find something that would help her overcome her anxiety.

The idea of a family toilet seat is that it includes a smaller seat which can be raised or lowered on top of the usual adult one, so children can sit on top without having to support themselves.

One of the key benefits I’ve since realised is that instead of cleaning out the potty while my next daughter potty trained, she simply used the toilet and there was no mess to deal with. It also means that I don’t have to worry about finding a smelly deposit in a potty from a night time toilet trip that hasn’t been dealt with when I get up!

If you’ve never changed a toilet seat before, unless your existing one is really rusted on, then it’s a fairly straightforward process.

The only small fault I’ve found is that although the standard seat is soft close, the little seat isn’t, so it sometimes bangs down. Overall though, I’d give it 4.5 stars.


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