How Can You Save Money on Family Transport?

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Getting around with your family can be a challenge, especially when you have young children. You often have to take a lot of stuff with you whenever you go anywhere, so just getting out of the house can be a struggle. It can also be expensive, especially if you end up spending a lot of money on your car. But there are ways to save money on transport for your family, whether you usually drive or you use public transport more often. Try the following tips if you want to spend less on transport and travel, so you have more money for other things.

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Calculate the Cost of a Car vs Public Transport

Not every family requires a car. The availability and practicality of public transport depend on where you live, but many families can find that they get around just fine without owning a car or without using one too often. If you have public transport available that can get you where you need to be, including to work and school, it could save you money compared to owning a car. If you calculate the yearly cost of running a car and the cost for your family to use public transport, you can see which one is cheaper.


Make Your Next Car a Used One

There are various costs involved in owning a car, but the first one that you need to think about is the cost of the car itself. Whether you’ve saved up to purchase a car outright or you want to finance it, finding ways to save money is smart. One of the best ways to save on a family car is to choose a used car. Some parents might worry about safety, but when you use a reliable dealership like Emerald House of Cars, there’s no need to. Buy through a trusted dealership instead of buying a used car privately, and you can be sure its condition has been checked thoroughly. You’ll get full details on safety and overall condition.


Walk and Cycle More

Even if you do own a car or take public transport most of the time, there are occasions when you can choose to walk or cycle as a family instead. If you’re close enough, your children can walk to school or ride your bikes in the morning, it saves you money, and it’s great exercise. It also means you don’t have to sit in traffic in the morning or if you collect them from school later.


Get Family Deals

Another way for families to save money on transport and travel is to look for deals for families and children. Whether you’re taking the bus or train, or maybe flying somewhere or even taking a ferry, you can get great deals if you have a young family. Very young children often travel for free, and those under 16 can usually travel on a child’s ticket. There are family tickets and passes available too.

Save money on getting around with your family by considering how you travel and what makes the most financial sense for you.

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