Raising a Family in Mega Manila: What Should You Consider?

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A new age of children continues to populate the world, known as Generation Alpha. Covering those born from 2010 to 2025, this emergent set of youths is expected to be more technologically immersed and well-educated than any predecessor. This is coupled with many concerns, though. The new Filipinos are entering a world that is rapidly changing and lined with new problems that come with the territory of change.

For parents who are just starting their family with their own Gen Alpha baby, here are some points of focus that can help map out the future.


Blending Technology And Nature

With kids these days experiencing loads of screen time and being taught from an early age into a swiping lifestyle, experts are expecting a sharp increase in sedentary lifestyles from this age group. It carries a host of health problems that can develop over the years, and all bring some developmental hindrances from their toddler years.

The best way to make use of the benefits of tech while still teaching them healthy habits is by putting them in an environment conducive for activity and nature. Think of a single attached house in Cavite. It is accessible to conveniences and important urban sectors while being in a space that makes it more inviting to play in the sun, enjoy activities outdoors, and bond over the real world. There are many prime structures built across Mega Manila (expanding on the outskirts of the bustling metros) that are attainable for new families to provide a healthy home for kids.


Providing Sustainability

One of the most significant determining factors in the new generation’s upbringing is the state of the environment and its impact on their lifestyle and development. One of the best things parents can do is to integrate sustainable practices into their home life from the get-go, instilling an eco-conscious mindset and providing them the resources to act accordingly.

In the greater Manila region, pollution continues to be one of the biggest issues in an increasingly overpopulated space. So necessary measures should also be undertaken from the beginning to allow the Earth to breathe and repair. Doing this safeguards a future for the children of tomorrow where they can still flourish and enjoy a planet that is not ridden with toxicity and pollution. Ensuring that the new generation can have good health and viable resources growing up will rely on the actions that their parents and peers will take against climate change.


Balancing Tradition And Innovation

Because of societal shifts and the advent of the digital age, kids growing up these days are expected to develop more of a mindset of instant gratification and entitlement. This can happen if they are not properly taught otherwise during their formative years.

Finding a balance between allowing them to grow and make use of the improved resources readily available to them should be done. Also, reinforcing ideals from previous generations that remain relevant is crucial to help kids become well-rounded and reach their full potential.

With guidance and support, Generation Alpha children are expected to combine the mindset and ethics of millennials and Generation Z, allowing them to be the most progressive and most financially successful generation, particularly in a traditionally-inclined nation like the Philippines.

Navigating parenthood in modern Mega Manila has its own challenges. But honing a new generation of upstanding individuals is more achievable than ever with the right steps.

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