How to run a successful side hustle
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Five Tips For Running A Successful Side Hustle – Even If You Think You Have No Time!

Have you ever thought about working a side hustle to make some extra money, but then left it as just a thought because you felt like it would be too much to fit around your existing commitments? Think again! This post is by Ruth who runs and gives some great tips and advice for …

Eat well on a budget
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5 steps to eat well on a budget

Living frugally and trying to save money usually involves making cuts to our budget, and can often mean making changes in how we spend money on food. But living (and eating!) on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on having good, tasty meals. The post below is written by Araminta from Financially Mint, sharing …

gold necklace with text overlay reading 'how to pawn precious metals'
Making money

How to Pawn Precious Metals: Advice to Gold Owners

*This article is published in partnership with MediaBuzzer*   Astute business people across the globe will not need reminding of the importance of holding your cards close to your chest whenever engaged in a business deal. Of course, the same approach could easily apply to folks who wish to pawn their gold, regardless of how …

Saving money

How to make your money go further each month

  Tips to make your monthly money go further There’s nothing quite like pre-payday blues. When you’re getting towards the end of the month and realise you haven’t quite got enough cash to keep you covered, life can be pretty stressful. Living paycheck to paycheck is no way to live, especially when you don’t have …

Silly things parents have done whilst sleep deprived
Life and Parenting

Silly things parents have done whilst sleep deprived

Sleep deprivation is one of the most inescapable consequences of having children and it can make you do the most bizarre things! I’ve found myself pouring diet coke on my cereal in the morning, wearing clothes inside out, squeezing baby lotion into the bath and adding more because it wasn’t very bubbly. Not getting enough …

All about the blogger -peanut and sprout

All about the blogger interview – Peanut and Sprout

This month I’m taking part in an ‘All about the Blogger’ linky which is all about getting to know other bloggers and their blogs. The blog I’m sharing today is Peanut and Sprout, which is run by Shannon. You can follow Shannon on Facebook, Instagram and on her YouTube channel. Tell us a bit about …

Misadventures in parenting - holiday fun
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What parenting really looks like – misadventures on holiday

I know you can’t go on holiday with children and expect it to feel like the same kind of holiday as when you went without. And I, of all people, should know that holidaying without children doesn’t always happen without incident. Last time we attempted a holiday, day 2, my 2-year-old kicked a football to …

Frugal and free summer activities
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Frugal and free summer activities

With the summer holidays approaching, if you’re anything like me (and it’s only my first year when any of my children have been at school!) you might be starting to wonder how on earth you’re going to keep the children entertained for all those weeks. Having three children, I know that a lot of activities …