How Do You Know When To Consider Your Own Home?

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Say what you want about the pitfalls of renting a place. You don’t own anything around you, you might have flatmates or roommates and the quality of the landlord can change from place to place. You might have trouble finding a fixed-term contract also which can leave you feeling a little dejected and unhappy. It might also be that the best rental apartments in your area are extortionate, leaving you living in quite an old, decrepit building with which you have to fight your building manager to conduct any maintenance.

But renting can be pretty easy, providing you can afford it. It’s a stasis. Unless you make the conscious effort to leave, you likely won’t. But how do you know when to consider your own home? It might be that your relationship is standing strong after a couple of years, and you wish to quit heading to one another’s place in favour of simply living together as star-crossed lovers, potentially raising a family, and this isn’t even mentioning the reduced cost associated with mortgaging compared to comparative rent.Let us consider how you might know when to shoot the starting pistol:


Relationship Stability

If you and your partner have been living successfully together for years, there’s a high likelihood you’ll be able to settle into the financial obligation of a mortgage. You might wish read this guide to buying a new home, and look to the future for your options. But if you’re used to being on-again, off-again, if you cannot stay with each other for two long or there have been instances in the past year where one has had to stay with a friend for a few days after a deep argument, there’s a high chance this isn’t a good option for you. Remember, your partner will be deeply tied with you in a financial and legal sense when making this move. This means that in this instance, love isn’t enough. You also have to have friendship to make this truly work.


You Have Plans

A life milestone can be a good way of looking to the future. It might be that you know you’re pregnant, and you wish to move into your own place before you give birth. Just remember though that rushing this can be worrying, so only if this is a realistic time frame should you consider it. But perhaps one of you has a great new job in a new city, and you think this could provide the necessary means for home ownership. If you have solid plans for the future, this can show you care about your days to the degree where this responsibility can be planned for well.


You Know In Your Heart

Sometimes, a little love and intuition can go a long way. If you’re willing to look into your heart and relay your true feelings to your partner, and they reciprocate this desire for the future, you likely have another positive check mark in your ‘reasons to own’ catalog. This shouldn’t be discarded as irrational. It can signal the right time.

With these tips, we hope you are able to move into your home at the right time.

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