Already Overspent for Christmas? Here’s How You Can Survive

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We all know that the Christmas period is the most expensive one of the year, apart from September when we have to put kids in new schools. If you have noticed that it will be hard to pay your bills in January, after falling for the Christmas sales and Black Friday deals, you will have to deal with the situation sooner rather than later. Below you will find a few strategies to survive the next few weeks until payday.

Christmas shopping basket filled with baubles


It is important that you don’t make the situation worse. Make sure that you create a budget and make compromises when it comes to presents, going out, and even decoration of Christmas dinner. It is not worth it to make everything perfect for Christmas and struggle financially for a couple of months and not being able to pay your car insurance or get your MOT done on your car.

Meal Planning

If you want to have a good Christmas, but don’t want to overspend, you might need to find a way to save money on Christmas shopping. It is often cheaper to go to your local butcher or farm shop to get all the ingredients you need for your meal, instead of buying too much and wasting food. Create a meal plan leading up to Christmas, and make use of leftovers while eliminating the waste.

Discount Apps

If you still have some decoration and present hopping left, you might want to take advantage of some of the apps available out there, giving you discount codes and digital vouchers. You can save money on your local high street using the latest BSaver app, which allows you to get notifications whenever there is a 241 offer or discount in your area. This will give you the advantage over other people and help you save money.


In some cases, there is no other way but to sit down and think about your situation realistically. If you are sure that you simply can’t make ends meet next month, you will need to find a solution that bridges the gap between your income and your spending temporarily. You can check out Fast Loans UK to see if you can get a peace of mind at a low interest rate, so you can enjoy the holiday season.

Increasing Your Income

If you would rather not get into debt and want to make long term changes in your financial situation, you will need to find a way to increase your income. There are several side gigs you can take on, if you cannot do extra hours at work. Even freelancing or blogging will help you make the most out of your talent and increase your monthly income.

There are many reasons people overspend during December. You want to impress your friends and family members, and there are simply too many temptations on the internet and your local high street. It is crucial that you make an effective plan as soon as possible to avoid further financial problems.


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