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How To Make Money Taking Online Surveys – Survey Sites That Actually Pay

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One of the easiest ways I’ve been able to make money online is by doing online surveys. You can do them any time which is perfect for me; I’ve found myself doing them on my phone while feeding my newborn, I’ve taken them in the early hours when I couldn’t get back to sleep after a night time nappy change, and more recently now there is (slightly) less screaming, just in front of the TV in the evening. It’s really flexible.

make money taking surveys

There are absolutely tons of survey sites and I’ve tried out loads! Some are much better than others in terms of the rewards you get, how many surveys are available and how quickly they’ll actually pay you.

Here’s a list of some of my favourite survey sites. You won’t get rich using these but if you just put in a few minutes here and there when you have the spare time, you’ll find the points and pennies soon add up. My best month I made over £200 just spending 30 mins to an hour an day tops – whenever I had a few minutes to do it. It’s definitely possible to earn a decent amount.



Quick Links To Sign Up And Get Started
Instagc>>     Prolific>>    Pinecone UK>>    Pinecone US>>      Opinion Outpost>>     Earnably>>     Swagbucks>>     Qmee>>     YouGov>>
Populus Live>>



InstaGiftCards has fast become one of my favourite sites, because you can earn passively on it. You can earn by taking surveys, completing offers and tasks or (my favourite) just watching videos! Once you’ve reached 500 points an extra survey section is available as well as access to more partner offers. The biggest advantage to this site is that when you request a gift card it pays out instantly (clue’s in the name!). There are lots of gift card options, and once you’ve cashed out £50 worth you unlock the option of being paid via PayPal. You can read more in my blog post on earning with InstaGC.


Prolific Academic

Join Prolific Academic and help researchers from all over the country with their research studies. Sign up to Prolific as a participant. When you log in you will see a list of your available studies, the estimated time it will take to complete and the reward you will be paid. I really enjoy using Prolific because once you’ve completed the prescreening questions you are only shown studies you’re eligible for, so you don’t get the annoying disqualifications that happen with a lot of survey sites. The studies can be really interesting too! When you reach £5 you can cash out to PayPal for a small fee or if you wait until you’ve earned £20 you can cash out to Circle for free. Read more about how to earn with Prolific.


Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a consumer research survey site that pays you to answer questions about new products. I’ve been using them since 2017. The best thing is that surveys are paid at a set fee of £3 per survey, and are all a similar length (10-15 mins).

Register for Pinecone:

Sign up for Pinecone UK

Sign up for Pinecone US

Sign up for Pinecone CA

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is an easy to use survey site that pays to PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and a huge variety of other gift cards to choose from. With Opinion Outpost each survey is worth a certain amount of points which you then exchange for your chosen reward. The best thing is you can cash out your earnings as soon as you reach £2.50 (50 points).



Earnably is the site I’ve signed up to most recently, and so far I’m finding it really good! You can earn by taking surveys, watching videos and completing offers. Cash out options include PayPal, Amazon and other gift cards, and you only need 180 points to cash out. My favourite thing about Earnably is that they often have promo codes you can apply to your account which will give you an extra so many % on your earnings for a certain amount of time. For example, I’m currently using a code that gives me 15% extra for 3 days.

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This was one of the first sites I started using. When you first sign up it can look a bit daunting, but there are lots of easy ways to earn with Swagbucks and once you get the hang of it, it can become a really good earner. You are rewarded with points called sb (swagbucks). There are plenty of surveys, but you can also earn by watching videos, reading content, searching the web and completing offers. Swagbucks also have lots of bonus ways to make extra points; there are video apps you can download, games you can play, daily codes for free points and often they have bonuses called Swago boards where your normal activity will give you extra sb. You can cash out either directly to your PayPal account or to a variety of gift cards.  I usually choose Amazon vouchers, but there are lots more to choose from. They also offer a referral scheme whereby you earn 10% of your referees earnings.

Why not have a look at my list of ways to earn on Swagbucks?

My swagbucks gift cards
Some of the gift cards I redeemed in just September on Swagbucks alone


How to make money taking surveys


Qmee is a survey site that pays directly to PayPal. One of the best things about Qmee is that you can cash out at any point, no waiting around to build your balance. There are usually new surveys every day. You can complete surveys on the website or via their mobile app. They also have a browser extension you can add to your computer which will pay you (a few pence) for your online searches.



YouGov is a great survey site because you don’t get screened out. Surveys are often about current affairs and are emailed to you about 1-3 times a week. There is also an app you can download and complete surveys that way too. They pay out to PayPal once you reach £50 so it’s a bit of a slow burner, but worth it if you have the patience!


Populus Live

Populus is a survey site that pays £1 per 5 minutes, which is really good for surveys. Survey invitations are sent by email and payment is sent via cheque once you reach the payment threshold of £50. It takes a while to reach £50 as you usually receive 1-3 surveys per week, but it’s worth doing as the payment is good for the time.

There are so many sites out there that it can be easy to sign up with anything and everything and end up making nothing! I really recommend that you start off choosing just one or two sites you like the look of and get the feel of them. Once you’ve got the hang of it and get into a routine, it’s a lot easier to try more out and add some in.  This way you can start building up your earning without getting overwhelmed! You’ll soon find the sites you like and the one’s you don’t get on with. Have a look at my Top Tips for taking online surveys.  Happy surveying!


Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is an easy site to use.  When you register with Branded you can start earning with a free 200 points on sign up. You need to reach 1000 to cash out to PayPal/various gift cards and there are usually plenty of surveys available. You can complete the daily poll each day for 5 points and completing the poll 10 days in a row will net you an extra 25 points. If you are an active member your status will improve and you can earn extra points. If you don’t want to stick to just answering surveys there is also a section for completing offers. Branded Surveys offer a referral scheme whereby you can earn up to 200 points per active referral.

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