Making a Family Road Trip Affordable

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Staycations are becoming increasingly popular. With the price of flights and overseas package holidays soaring – especially during school holidays – it’s not all too surprising that many families are opting to holiday closer to home instead. It can be cheaper and you can find stunning sights and fun things to do without travelling too far. With the rise of the staycation also comes the rise of the family road trip. While they may generally be associated with teens who have just got their first licence, they’re a great getaway option for families too! But if you’re going to head away with the kids, how can you make your break as affordable as possible?


Find Your Motorhome


If you’re road tripping with your family, a motor home is generally the best option. Travelling in a standard car will mean you need to stop and book rooms along the way, which can quickly become costly when you have to book sufficient beds for everyone. A motorhome can be a comfortable place to stay and a means of getting from A to B. If you’re just going on one trip, hiring a motorhome will suffice. However, if you can see you and your family going on multiple road trips over the years – perhaps it will become an annual family tradition – you may want to consider investing in your own motorhome. You can find out How to Finance A Caravan Or Motorhome On Almost Any Budget.


Plan Fuel Stops


Fuel costs different amounts at different garages and filling stations. Many fuel stops will be along motorways or other busy roads where there aren’t many places to stop or refuel, so they will hike their prices. It’s often much cheaper to plan your stops. Do your research and find out which have the best prices for petrol or diesel along the way. Then fill your tank at these stops rather than putting drips and drabs in at random stops here and there. A little organisation goes a long way!


Take Notice of Warning lights


If a warning light comes up on your dash, pay attention to it. This is for your safety and the safety of all of your passengers. Not only that, but if you ignore lights, damage could worsen before the problem is rectified and it can prove a lot more expensive to repair major damage than to fix minor issues. Tackle problems head on and have your car seen to by a professional as soon as any warning lights come on. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you break down and have to pay for towing and major repairs.


While the traditional family getaway to a hotel complex may be fun, it’s not the perfect option for every family. Some are much better suited to road trips. This is a great means of getting away as a family and having some quality bonding time – and it can prove a lot more cost efficient than any other form of holiday!


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