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InstaGC Review and Guide: How To Make Money using InstaGC

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There are so many ways to make money online and probably one of the easiest ways to get started if you’re looking for something that requires no experience, is easy to do and can be done in your own time, is to try out get paid to sites such as InstaGC.

What is InstaGC?

InstaGC (Instant Gift Cards) is a popular GPT site. GPT (or get-paid-to sites) are a great way of earning small amounts for easy tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos and adverts, clicking links, doing offer or trials etc.

My favourite of these is definitely InstaGC and since joining I’ve earned and cashed out over 37,000 points.

There are loads of different ways to earn on InstaGC, which you can access through the main menu across the top of the home page. The aim is to earn points, which you can then exchange for cash or vouchers.


How much are InstaGC points worth?

Every 100 points is equivalent to $1, making each point worth $0.01. You only need 100 points before being able to cash out for a voucher.


How do you use InstaGC?

There are a wide variety of ways you can use InstaGC to make money. These include:

  • Watching videos
  • Taking surveys
  • Completing offers
  • Completing tasks


Watch Videos

Running videos is my favourite way to earn on InstaGC because it’s really passive and involves miminal effort. There are a few platforms for videos you can use. InstaGC’s own videos playlists (Desktop Playlist and Mobile Playlist). Find these by selecting the ‘Earn’ option in the top menu then click ‘Watch videos’. You can run both of these if you use 2 different devices.

You can also find videos under the OfferToro tab, as well as Hideout TV. With Hideout TV you can choose your preferred channel, with options such as Food, Music, Gaming, Celebrity and more.

If you run all these simultaneously you should be able to earn a good number of points each day just for clicking and leaving them playing in the background.

InstaGC watch videos screen


Join InstaGC >>


Completing surveys is another way to earn points; you can find surveys complete if you click the InstaGC box on the main page and then once you’ve reached 500 points you unlock a survey section with loads more surveys to do.

You’ll be shown the length of the survey and the amount of points you’ll receive for completing it.

When you reach 500 points you unlock a section called ‘Tap Research’, these are good surveys to try because you get points even if you’re disqualified.

You can also find more surveys under the partner Offer Wall tabs we’ll talk about next.


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Offers and Trials

There are lots of Partner Walls on InstaGC such as OfferToro, TrialPay, Minute Staff, Adgate Media and many more. These will pay you points for things such as downloading and opening apps/games, signing up for trials, clicking through to websites, that kind of thing, as well as often also having surveys to complete.

You can also use Figure8, which will pay you for completing tasks such as data sorting, audio transcribing and similar.


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Frozen points

Sometimes you might see a little image of a snowflake next to your points total. This means you have some frozen points. It’s nothing to worry about, it just means that you have completed a high paying survey or offer and these points will pend for either 5 or 14 days. You can click on the snowflake to see which activity it was and what date you did it. If it stays frozen for longer than you think it should you can click through to send a support ticket and they usually release the points fairly quickly.



InstaGC have a daily Sweepstakes to win extra points. You can enter once per day for free. There are also Points Booster codes you can enter in the code box (find this by clicking where is says points booster code in the menu on the left hand side. These are often posted on InstaGC’s social media.


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Getting Paid on InstaGC

There are so many options to choose from. Initially you can choose from lots of gift cards, Amazon, Argos, or pre-paid Mastercard to name a few. After you’ve cashed out $50 worth of gift cards you can then choose to be paid directly into PayPal.

As InstaGC is available to use in most countries, you can use the menu on the left to see what rewards are available in your region.

One of the best things about InstaGC is that they pay you instantly, so there’s no waiting around for your rewards!



Another great thing about InstaGC is their referral program; they will pay you 10 points per referral and then 10% on referral earnings.

Want to give it a try?

Sign up to InstaGC here >>


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