Giving Kids The Gift Of Financial Security

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We can’t all be rich enough to ensure that our children never have to worry about money ever again. We can, however, use what we have, both our resources and our mind, to create a child that is a little more financially secure than we were, and equipped with the good habits that can help them make better use of their money. Here are a few tips on you can really give your children the gift of financial security.

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Get them financially literate

Your children can start learning about money from an early age, indeed. Even when they’re very young, a trip to the shops and giving them money to hand to the cashier in exchange for the shopping is very understandable. Pocket money can be a great tool to teach them financial literacy, as well. Or you can look at something big they might want, such as a bike or video game console, and teach them about saving up in order to get it to learn delayed gratification.


Help them get a job

This isn’t about how lazy teens are. Rather than believing it’s a generational thing, it’s easier to point the finger at the increased importance we place on education, as well as the wealth of distractions the online world offers to see why fewer teenagers seem to have part-time jobs these days. You can get them used to the idea of a job early by arranging for them to get paid for chores at home. This makes it much easier for them to already be used to the idea of being rewarded for their work when they get their first jobs as teenagers.


Take responsibility for what you leave behind

You don’t have to be rich to leave your kids something when you’re gone from the world, as well. Even a little savings in your pot can help them get the kind of advantage that is needed nowadays. First of all, make sure you have the life insurance you need to stop funeral costs from taking what’s meant from your children. Then look at websites like and how they can help you ensure your assets are used how you wish when you’re gone. A tight, legally binding will is the best way to make sure you leave behind things as you wish.


Teach the importance of credit

Your mileage may vary with this idea, because a lot of people don’t like the idea of teenagers getting their hands on plastic. However, if you don’t get them a good starter credit card as shown at and teach the importance of paying back what they owe and how their credit affects their future, they’re more likely to make a big mistake when dealing with it by themselves.


A mix of the right advice, both practical and taught, and the right preparation of your own assets can make all the difference to how your kids’ independent life will go. Don’t underestimate the importance of financial education.


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