A Guide To Getting Some Money Together When You’re In A Pinch

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When you’re in a pinch and you need some cash fast, it can be tough to figure out what steps to take next. You might feel stressed out at the thought of not having enough money for something, but getting stressed can actually lead you to make bad decisions as you are unable to think clearly.

Below we have just a few suggestions that could be of use to you when you need money fast. Take a look and see what you can do today:

Sell Things You No Longer Use/Need

Go around your house and see what you have that you no longer use or need. Be vigilant. If you’ve had something for a while but you haven’t used it in the last 6 months or so, you’re probably safe to sell it. You could use online selling platforms, or even Facebook where you can avoid seller fees. Garage sales can also be a good idea, but but be aware of the people who always want something for nothing.

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Ask Somebody You Trust

If you know you’re going to have the money back that you need fairly soon, then you could always ask somebody you trust to loan you some. It can be a good idea to give them an idea of when you plan to pay them back and how, though, so that there is no confusion. If you don’t have anybody, you can always look at Viva Loans, but be smart so you know you’re only taking out an amount you will be able to pay back.


See If You Can Work More Hours

Ask your boss if you can do more hours at work. If there are any extra hours going, then take them. Alternatively, you could start some part time work in order to get some more cash. You could become an uber driver, assuming you drive – almost like being a taxi driver but the way you get paid is far more streamlined and you can fit your hours around you and any other work you do. You could even use Fiverr to sell any talents that you have, such as logo designing or copywriting. People might just need your weird and wonderful talents, so check out the site and see what you can offer.


Take Some Online Surveys

Online surveys might not make you a fortune, but if you have a little time to spare you can use them to make some decent pocket money. Find a reputable site that pays fast and you should be able to build up some cash.

Getting money when you’re in a pinch might not be easy, but it’s doable. Remember to check the back of your sofas, in old bags, and anywhere else you may have forgotten you left cash, too. Have a positive mindset and try to be stress-free about the whole thing and you’ll stand more chance of finding cash!

Do you have any ideas of your own for getting cash together in a pinch? Leave them below!

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