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Cleo – Automatic Savings And Money Management

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Do you struggle with budgeting and keeping track of your spending? Ever look at your bank balance and wonder what you did with all your money?

Cleo can help you both with saving money easily, and keeping track of your spending.

How to save money and budget with cleo. Automatic, hassle-free savings

What is Cleo?

Cleo is a clever little bot that works in Messenger. It’s an AI that analyses your spending to help you see where you could be saving and help you better understand what you’re doing with your money. It’s advertised as an ‘intelligent assistant for your money’ and aims to use technology to help you understand your finances more in order to be able to manage them better.

I’ve been using it for nearly a year now and I quite like it! I find it really useful for things like quickly checking my balance and I like seeing the insights it gives into my spending. It can show you charts to breakdown how you spent your money and you can ask it questions like  ‘How much did I spend on takeaways this month?’ (answer – way too much, if you’re a pizza addict like me!) It can also do things like send warnings if you’re going into your overdraft and even help you set up a tailored budget. Want to give it a try? You can sign up here.


Get a free £5

Cleo currently offers a free £5 joining bonus, which you receive once you’ve joined and created your Cleo Wallet.

Get your free £5 >

Auto Save with Cleo

You can also use the app for auto saving, in a very similar way to Plum. If you decide to add Cleo’s saving wallet it will work out how much you can afford to save each week and transfer small amounts into your Cleo savings. You can stop or withdraw anytime.

It also has a ‘Share and Win’ scheme, which pays you and your friend £5/$5 each, for every friend who signs up and connects their bank account.

How safe is it?

Cleo is a read only service and uses bank level encryption and security practices. They also have an £85,000 security cover pledge – equivalent to the FSCS deposit and savings guarantee.

Try Cleo here >

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How to easily save money without even thinking about it


  1. Great post! I read about Cleo but as I use Plum I wondered if it was worth signing up for, but then I noticed you use both. Would you recommend it for the spending insights? And I’m guessing you don’t have to turn the auto savings on if you use Plum?

    1. Miss manypennies says:

      Thanks! I use Plum just for the saving aspect and Cleo mostly because it can be interesting, I don’t have the auto saving turned on. It gives you little quizzes each week on your savings and you can win cash if you get them all right which is quite fun.

  2. Eden says:

    One of the best ways to save money is to set a goal. Start by thinking of what you might want to save for—perhaps you’re getting married, planning a vacation or saving for retirement. Then figure out how much money you’ll need and how long it might take you to save it.

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