Pay-as-You-Go or Rent? Where Can You Work as a Freelancer?

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*Collaborative postAt least 70 percent of professionals around the world telecommute or work remotely, thanks to advancements in digital technology. Aside from the obvious bonus of being able to set your own hours, working wherever you want, and being an independent contractor, freelancers are never hard up for work due to the high demand for help.

Quite a number of freelancers work from home. But as with any situation where one sees the same thing again and again, being stuck in the same physical spot every day can get dull. Where can freelancers go to work?


Coworking Space

In the Philippines, renting office space in Ortigas Center may seem absurd, especially when freelancers quit their day job to get away from a cubicle. Ponying up funds for a coworking space trumps the absurdity by offering an open layout with reliable Wi-Fi and a few home comforts.

Going out of the house to work at a place dedicated to working can also motivate freelancers to do their best work. If they live alone, they may also feel choked up by being cooped up at home. Coworking spaces are also great places to find your next project as an idle conversation with a fellow freelancer on a break can lead to work opportunities.


Pay-As-You-Go and Serviced Offices

Rentable workspaces can vary in terms of payment schemes and size. A group of freelancers who want to step out of their home offices can rent an office together.

Pay-as-you-go means they don’t need a membership to get a workspace you pay for as you use it. All the amenities of a normal workspace is available—you don’t need to worry about printing or copying needs, or a meeting space for your clients.

Serviced offices have staff maintaining the premises as part of the expense. Because of the flexible rental terms, a group can agree to work there for a week or a month, and then move out. Groups don’t need to commit to long-term contracts here compared to traditional spaces.


Study Café and Libraries

Study cafés and libraries accept all types of customers who want to concentrate on their work. The implicit understanding of not disturbing others is in play here, though a quick trip to the counter or the library café can help you say sane during the workday with the occasional chat.

Cafés dedicated to your study or work also allows workers to take a nap or have a shower in between bursts of work. The amenities are almost comparable to a home office setup, but having people around and a schedule to adhere to may motivate freelancers to stick to work.

Freelancers who are hard up for money and need to stay at home can do a lot with their office space to prevent it from becoming too mundane. They should identify their equipment needs, space they take up, and the amenities they need to make available in case of clients.

Telecommuters can also change where their dedicated workspace is located in case they start getting bored. If their space doesn’t allow for it, redecorating an office space also works. Putting up a whiteboard or wide corkboard allows for reminders and calendars to be pinned around your workstation.

Dedicated freelancers have the best of both worlds: a flexible work schedule and a steady stream of income. They owe it to themselves to find a space where they can keep up with their work and lifestyle.

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