4 Things that Undermine Small Businesses

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It’s not easy being a small business. We live in a world that’s run by corporations, who stack the game in their favour. If the business world was already tough, it becomes even tougher when you’re trying to compete with companies who have more money, resources, and influence than you do. The good news, however, is that the general public wants small businesses to succeed. But this isn’t enough – the businesses need to step up. Alas, they’re sometimes guilty of undermining themselves. Below, we take a look at a few ways small companies do this, and what they can do to change.

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Acting Small

A lot of good can come from promoting the fact that you’re a small, family business, and not one of the big guys. However, this road can be taken too far. You can be small, but you shouldn’t act small. If you’re making it painfully obvious to your customers that you’re the only person behind the scenes of your company, or that you have no ambitions to be bigger, then you can’t be surprised if some seeds of doubt are planted in their mind. Function as if you’re a large company which is small by choice.


Too Many Responsibilities

All businesses run on ideas. The more you have, the better, or so goes conventional wisdom. Problems quickly arise when you have a lot of ideas and try to put them into action too quickly. You don’t need to be all things to all people; you just need to do your core duties well. Don’t get lost down the rabbit hole of having a new side project under way each week; all that’ll happen is your business will be cluttered, and your potential clients won’t know what to make of you. Just do one thing perfectly.


Lack of Cohesion

Take a look at all of the big companies, and you’ll see something familiar: they all have strong branding. It’s impossible to think that Coca-Cola would send out an email using their old digital assets. They have systems in place to ensure that doesn’t happen. So why not follow their lead, and implement software that keeps all of your digital assets updated and easily located by employees as and when they need them? You can get all the information you need from It’s all about creating a cohesive message, and that’s difficult to do if your customers are receiving mixed messages from your staff.


Static Marketing

If you’re a small company, then it’s strongly recommended that you outsource your marketing tasks to a third-party company. Why? Because marketing has become too advanced. Unless you can dedicate one employee to your marketing, you’re not going to be as up to speed as you should be. By working with a professional company, you’ll be able to give your marketing the modern, dynamic jolt that it needs to stay relevant. You’ll be able to show the world that you belong in the modern world, rather than the past.

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