How to have a baby on a budget
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How to save money and have a baby on a budget

Are you expecting a baby or planning to have a baby and wondering if you can afford if and how much it will actually cost? There are plenty of articles and research out there about what the cost of having a baby is, and the cost of raising a child. The problem is they mostly …

Make money matched betting
Making money

Matched Betting – the low-risk, tax-free side hustle

Matched betting is something I’ve only really just started dipping my toes in the water with. After following the journeys of friends and other money bloggers, and seeing them doing really well, I finally decided to give it a go myself! I was uber cautious as the last thing I wanted to do is end …

How to get paid for your receipts
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How to make money taking photos of your receipts

How many receipts do you just chuck straight in the bin or find laying around your house? Why not use those receipts to make yourself some money? You could be using receipt apps on your smartphone, that will pay you just for uploading pictures of your receipts. Receipt apps There are a few apps that …

Make money selling smelly shoes
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How I made over £400 selling old shoes – an interview with a smelly shoe seller

You might have seen me mention in some of my other posts that one potential side hustle for making extra cash is selling smelly shoes. Sounds crazy, but it’s true!  There is actually a market out there that is interested in buying your old, worn out shoes. Your smelly shoes! If the whole idea of …

How to get freebies and cashback on your grocery shoppig with supermarket cashback apps
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How to get cashback on your grocery shopping

I’ve been using cashback sites for years to earn cashback on my online shopping, but it’s only recently in the last year that I started to use supermarket cashback apps. These are apps that you can use alongside your grocery shopping, in order to make a little bit of  money back. With these and the …

Best US money saving apps
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The Best US Money Saving Apps – guest post

There are so many apps out there that we can use on our phones and tablets to make our lives easier, apps for saving, investing, apps to help you budget better and get out of debt. There are literally hundreds to choose from.  In this guest post by Lisa from Deal Meisters, she kindly rounds …

5 Simple ways to save pounds on your grocery shop
Saving money

How to save money on your grocery shopping – Guest post by Melissa from Skinny Spending

Today I’m really happy to share my very first guest post from the lovely Melissa over at Skinny Spending.  Melissa blogs about living a full fat lifestyle on a low cal budget and today she’s sharing her top 5 tips for saving money on your grocery shopping. How I save money on my grocery shopping …

5 top tips for taking online surveys
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5 Top Tips for taking online surveys

Taking surveys online is a simple way to earn extra money. Anyone (mostly adults but some sites will also accept from age 13) can do it, and there are plenty of survey providers available. Generally, all it involves is giving your opinion or feedback on companies, products, services or advertising in exchange for a cash …