Hi and welcome to Miss Manypennies



I absolutely LOVE finding new ways that I can make money from home. This blog is a way to share and discover ways of making and saving money, along with some thoughts and ramblings about life as a parent.

I’ll be honest, I used to be terrible with money. I was a spender, not a saver. At university despite working 2 jobs alongside my studies I still managed to spend a lot of money I could have saved.

I’m still not brilliant! But meeting and marrying one of the most frugal men I’ve ever known made me start thinking more about finance and thriftiness. Now I always think twice before spending anything. I can’t buy anything without searching for a good deal or a voucher code first! I still like being able to buy little treats here and there though, which is why I started to love finding little ways to make extra pennies and searching for great discounts and savings.

Being a stay at home mum to our three small children, those little things that I can do from home at any time of day are perfect for me. I can get paid to take surveys, participate in studies, try new products- even just watching videos or playing new games can pay a few pennies!

My aim is that by spending a little time doing lots of these small things, we can turn these ‘many pennies’ into many pounds. 🙂